Kidney Stones

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About Kidney Stones

‘One day all of a sudden, there was a thawing and searing pain on the side of my stomach. Pains so tear-jerkingly great that standing felt like god’s ultimate punishment’- from an excerpt of a kidney stone patient.

Kidney stones, as the name suggests, are stones that end up housing near an individual’s kidneys. But what are they made of? They are made up of minerals, sedimentation and salts that mostly end up being clubbed together near the urinary tract. The result is pain in the abdomen region and difficulty in passing on urine.

How this formation does take place? Remember the difficulty in passing on urine; it is mostly a sign of urine being crystallized. This crystallization added to the sediments of minerals and salts completes the process of kidney stone formation.

But this is not the interesting part of the disease; the interesting part is that the amount of patients of kidney stones is so high in India that there is no definitive way to track it down. However, it can be prevented and treated. However, before moving on to the cure, it is better to look for the cause so as to prevent it from ever happening.  

The main causes of kidney stones are as follows:

When it comes to cause behind these crystal developments, there is no definite answer. However, what makes these stones dangerous is the following:

  1. Over consumption of alcohol.
  2. Irregularity when eliminating wastes.
  3. Overconsumption of sodium.
  4. Not drinking enough fluids.
  5. Inefficient diet that causes the metabolism to be compromised.

When it comes to treatment of kidney stones, there are several options available. Heal boat is therefore here to present to you the ways to treat a kidney stone.

  1. Well, there is passing on the kidney stone: However, it is an extremely painful endeavour to pass on the stone. It is done by diluting the crystal to some extent so that it can be excreted out through the urinary tube. This happens to be a painful but a short process but it is not viable in all of the cases as the stone is at most times to big to be able to be passed on. 
  2. Drink a lot of fluids: one way to deliberate the stone-passing process is to use drink as much water as possible. This is a healthy process to pass on the stones and can also be counted prevention so that there is no crystallization.
  3. Complete dilution of the stone: through a method of medication and regular exercise, it is possible to completely dilute the crystal. This process entails consumptions of a lot of juices.
  4. When the stone is big: When the stone gets big enough, there is no room to dilute it or pass it on. To that end, operating on it is your only option. This process might entail gall bladder removal if he circumstances are bad enough or insertion of a tube through the urethra to remove it physically.
  5. Healthy foods to prevent kidney stones: Yes, there exist a kidney stone prevention diet! There is certain healthy foods item that you must include in your diet to prevent kidney stones.

If you are looking for a proper treatment for this malignancy, you can get in touch with healboat. We assure you that kidney stone treatment in India is now within you reach and also affordable within your price.  

Treatments for Kidney Stones


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