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About Transplants Sx

It is quite clear from the name itself that the transplants department of any hospitals primarily deals in the transplantation of organs with respect to an ongoing medical treatment. In any such department, there are specialized medical experts who perform a range of transplantation procedures. Each year, thousands of lives are saved and transformed because of the innovative transplant expertise. These transplantation centers offer one of the most comprehensive transplant programs in the world and perform a variety of transplantations.

The most widely done procedures in this category include:

  • Bone and soft tissue transplants
  • Bone marrow transplants
  • Heart transplants
  • Lung transplants
  • Corneal transplants
  • Kidney transplants
  • Pancreas transplants
  • Intestinal transplants
  • Liver transplants
  • Reconstructive transplants

Heart Transplant: - A heart transplant surgery may be considered if you have severe heart failure. If your condition is grave and other treatments are not managing to improve things or control your symptoms, your cardiologist may send you to a heart transplant center for a transplant assessment.

Heart transplant is surgery that removes a diseased heart and replaces it with a healthy heart from a deceased donor to improve your quality of life and increase your lifespan. Most heart transplants are done on patients who have end-stage heart failure, a condition in which your heart is severely damaged or weakened, and on people who have failed other treatment options. End-stage heart failure may be caused by conditions such as coronary heart disease, viral infections, or hereditary conditions. In rare instances, heart transplant may be performed at the same time as lung transplant in patients who have severe heart and lung disease.

Lung Transplant: - A lung transplant is a surgical procedure to replace a diseased or failing lung with a healthy lung, usually from a deceased donor. A lung transplant is reserved for people who have tried other medications or treatments, but their conditions haven't sufficiently improved.

Depending on your medical condition, a lung transplant may involve replacing one of your lungs or both of them. In some situations, the lungs may be transplanted along with a donor heart.

Kidney transplantation: - A kidney transplant is a surgical operation that puts a healthy kidney in your body. The transplanted kidney takes over the work of the two kidneys that failed, so you no longer need dialysis.

During a transplant, the surgeon places the new kidney in your lower abdomen and connects the artery and vein of the new kidney to your artery and vein. Often, the new kidney will start making urine as soon as your blood starts flowing through it. But sometimes it takes a few weeks to start working.

Liver Transplant: - A liver transplant is medical procedure carried out to remove your diseased or injured liver and replace it with a healthy liver from another person, called a donor. If your liver stops working properly, called liver failure, a liver transplant can save your life.

Doctors perform liver transplant surgery by removing your liver and replacing it with a donor’s liver. Liver transplant surgery can take up to 12 hours or longer. For a deceased donor transplant, surgery starts when the donor liver arrives at the hospital.

Pancreas Transplant: - A pancreas transplant is an operation to treat diabetes by replacing the need for insulin with a healthy insulin-producing pancreas from a donor who has recently died. The pancreas is an organ in the abdomen that produces both digestive juices and hormones, such as insulin, that help the body breaks down food and turn it into energy.

Pancreas transplant is sometimes recommended as a treatment for people with insulin-treated diabetes, such as type 1 diabetes, who are unable to produce their own insulin.

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