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About Neonatology

The discipline of Neonatology remains primarily concerned with health and well-being of the newborn, whether critically ill, premature, or simply in need of special observation. In India, the Department of Neonatology provides innovative, comprehensive, high-quality care from a team of physicians, advanced practice nurses, RNs, and others that results in the best outcomes for children.

India is one of the most reputed centers of the world where one can expect to get world-class neonatology care in the most comfortable setting. The hospitals in the country remain committed to family-focused care starts before the birth of the baby through a partnership with other departments, offering specialized care to mothers carrying fetuses with known birth defects. This dedication extends to the operation of the Neonatal High-Risk Follow-up Program, which monitors the physical and cognitive development of high-risk patients, providing information, education, and support for families.

The commitment to superb clinic care includes involvement in bench-top and clinical research with a focus on translating new discoveries into optimal ways to deliver care, treat life-threatening neonatal illnesses and improve results.

All the clinical services are provided in a caring environment at the leading healthcare centers, where critically-ill infants are offered innovative modes of intervention, including:

  • Pre- and post-operative surgical care for pediatric congenital disorders;
  • ECMO which can be provided for up to three infants at a time with a special group of technicians supplementing NICU nursing staff;
  • Nitric oxide treatment for babies with hypoxic respiratory failure;
  • Oscillator support for babies with severe air leak syndrome;
  • On-demand EEG and the capability for 24-hour EEG monitoring.

When it comes to providing the best care for your little one, India delivers. Whether your infant is healthy, has a mild illness, was born preterm, or has a critical congenital or acquired condition, our specialists refer you to the right facility, transport your baby safely and swiftly, determine a course of treatment, and deliver high-quality care. We offer:

  • Infant intensive care and diagnostic examination
  • Prenatal consultation for high-risk obstetric patients and babies with a prenatal problem
  • Attendance at high-risk deliveries
  • Care for low birth weight and premature babies
  • Care for critically ill full-term babies
  • Specialized care for new-born lung problems, including high-frequency ventilation, nitric oxide treatment and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO)
  • Therapeutic hypothermia (head and whole body cooling) for the prevention of brain injury
  • Specialized care for new-born babies with medical and surgical conditions
  • Care for babies with neonatal seizures and perinatal stroke
  • Neonatal transport
  • Individualized developmental assessment and care for premature infants
  • Developmental follow-up care in collaboration with your child's pediatrician

India leads the way with dedicated neurocritical care initiatives aimed at safeguarding infant brain health. A partnership between the Neonatology Department and the Neurology Department ensures the presence of neurologists in NICU. The comprehensive team of board-certified neonatologists, neonatal neurologists, neuroradiologists and neurodiagnostic specialists and staff are dedicated to providing the highest level of care for infants born with neurological conditions such as:

  • Neonatal encephalopathy
  • Seizures
  • Stroke
  • Brain malformations
  • Spine malformations
  • Neuromuscular disorders
  • Severe cardiac disorders
  • Other related conditions

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