Pancreas Transplant

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Dr. Mukut Minz

  • MS - General Surgery, PGIMER, Chandigarh, MBBS - Sambalpur University, Odisha
  • 37 years experience

Dr. Vivek Vij

  • MBBS, MS, MRCS (Ed.), DNB
  • 17 years experience

Dr. Manav Wadhawan

  • DM (Gastroenterology), MD (Internal Medicine), MBBS
  • 10 years experience

Dr. Priyadarshi Ranjan

  • M.Ch Urology-2008
  • 0 years experience

Dr. Vivek Jawali

  • 0 years experience

Dr. Mohan Keshavamurthy

  • MS (General Surgery), MCh (Uro), FRCS (C), FASTS
  • 0 years experience

Dr. Rakesh Khera

  • M.Ch (Genito Urinary Surgery), Grant Medical College, 2000, DNB (Genito Urinary Surgery), National Board of Examinations, 1991, M.S. (General Surgery), MG Institute of Medical Sciences, Wardha, 1994, M.B.B.S., MG Institute of Medical Sciences, Wardha, 1991
  • 27 years experience

Dr. Anjan Das

  • MCh(Urology)
  • 23 years experience

Dr. Raj Kalyan Gopala Krishna

  • DNB(Urology)
  • 23 years experience

Dr. A.S Bawa

  • MS and MCh from PGIMER, Chandigarh
  • 22 years experience

Dr. Ramesh Mahajan

  • MS, Mch(Urology)
  • 20 years experience

Dr. Pankaj N Maheshwari

  • MS, Mch(Urology)
  • 18 years experience

Dr. Prithwiraj Ghoshal

  • M.Ch (Urology)-2004-2007. (PGIMER), MRCS (EDIN) Part II-Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh-2003., MRCS (EDIN) Part I-Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh-2002., 4. MS (General Surgery) CNMCH 2000-2003, House Surgeon (Department of Surgery) (NRSMCH) Apr 1999 to Aug 1999., Rotating Internship (NRSMCH) Oct 1997-Sep 1998., M.B.B.S (NRSMCH) 1992-1997.
  • 18 years experience

Dr. K. M. Nanjappa

  • M. S - LTMCMNAMS (Genito- Urinary surgery)
  • 17 years experience

Dr. Vikram Aurora

  • MBBS
  • 16 years experience

Dr. Dushyant Nadar

  • M.S General Surgery from M.L.B Medical College Jhansi, National boards in Urology
  • 14 years experience

Dr. Prem Kumar K

  • DNB
  • 14 years experience

Dr. Ayush Choudhary

  • MCh(Urology)
  • 14 years experience

Dr. M G Shekar

  • MS, MRCS, MCh (Uro), FMAS
  • 13 years experience

Dr. Shrinivas Narayan

  • MCh(Urology)
  • 13 years experience

Dr. Manish Ahuja

  • M.Ch. (Urology) from King George Medical university, Lucknow, M.S. ( Surgery) from Christian Medical College, MBBS from Govt. Medical College, Patiala
  • 10 years experience

Dr. Sandeep Gupta

  • DNB (Urology)
  • 10 years experience

Dr. Ashish Jindal

  • M.B.B.S FROM Govt Medical College, M.S (General Surgery) and DNB (Urology)
  • 8 years experience

Dr. M. R. Pari

  • MCh (Urology), MS
  • 8 years experience

Dr. Feroz Amir Zafar

  • Robotic Surgery Training and Certification, Intuitive Surgical, Atlanta, USA, Observership Training in Men’s Health, Cleveland Clinic, Florida, USA, Fellowship in Kidney Transplant, Medanta – The Medicity, Gurgaon, India, MRCS, Royal College of Surgeons, England, DNB Urology, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad, India, FMAS(Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery), AMASI, India, M.S.(Gen. Surgery), RIMS, Ranchi, India, MBBS (Hons.), MGMMC, Jamshedpur, India
  • 7 years experience

Dr. Piyush Varshney

  • 6 years experience

Dr. Aman Gupta

  • M.Ch (Urology) (2009), M.S. (Gen. Surgery) (2003), M.B.B.S. (2000)
  • 6 years experience

Dr. Pushkar Shyam Chowdhury

  • MCh. (Urology)- Bombay Hospital Institute of medical Sciences (MUMBAI) , MS- General Surgery – Ramakrishna Mission Seva Pratishthan , M.B.B.S.- Calcutta Medical College
  • 6 years experience

Dr. Sudarshan kanti Baishya

  • DNB UROLOGY superspeciality. , M.S. (Safdarjung hospital, new delhi) , M.B.B.S.( JIPMER)
  • 4 years experience

Dr. Rahul Gupta

  • M.B.B.S., M.S. General Surgery , M.Ch. Neurosurgery
  • 0 years experience

Dr. Priyadarshi Ranjan

  • M.Ch Urology-2008
  • 0 years experience

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About Pancreas Transplant

A pancreas transplant is a surgical procedure that is done to treat diabetes by replacing the need for insulin with a healthy insulin-producing pancreas from a donor who has recently died.The pancreas is an organ in the abdomen that produces both digestive juices and hormones, such as insulin, that help the body break down food and turn it into energy.

A pancreas transplant is sometimes recommended as a treatment for people with insulin-treated diabetes, such as type 1 diabetes, who are unable to produce their own insulin.

A pancreas transplant may be performed in three different ways:

• As a simultaneous kidney and pancreas transplant

• As a kidney transplant followed later by a pancreas transplant

• As a pancreas-only transplant

Patients with type I diabetes and renal failure have two options. The first option is to be placed on a waiting list to receive a kidney and pancreas from a deceased donor. This type of simultaneous kidney-pancreas transplant treats both kidney failure and diabetes in one surgical procedure, but the waiting time is usually more than a year.

A pancreas transplant is usually only considered if:

  • The person has severe kidney disease – a pancreas transplant may be carried out at the same time as a kidney transplant in these cases
  • The patienthas severe episodes of dangerously low blood sugar levels (hypoglycaemia) that occur without warning and aren't controlled with insulin

The Procedure

A pancreas transplant needs to be carried out as soon as possible after a donor pancreas becomes available.The procedure is carried out under general anaesthetic, where the patient is asleep.

A cut (incision) is made along your tummy. The donor pancreas – and donor kidney, if you're having a kidney transplant at the same time – is then placed inside, and attached to nearby blood vessels and your bowel.

The new pancreas should start producing insulin straight away. Your old damaged pancreas will be left in place and will continue to produce important digestive juices after the transplant.

Generally, a kidney-pancreas transplant takes three to four hours. The pancreas and kidney are placed within the abdominal cavity through a vertical incision in the middle of the abdominal wall. The pancreas is attached to the groin vessels on the right side of the pelvis. The duodenum of the pancreas (where pancreatic juice is deposited) is connected to your small intestine and the ureter of the kidney is connected to your bladder. The kidney is attached to the groin vessels on the left side of the pelvis and the ureter is connected to the bladder.

A pancreas transplant is normally offered only to people who have severe type 1 diabetes. Usually they are age 50 or less. The most frequent type of pancreas transplant is a combination kidney-pancreas transplant.

Your general health and suitability for major surgery are important considerations. For example, you can’t have a transplant if you have:

  • Cancer in another part of your body
  • Serious heart, lung, liver, kidney, blood vessel, or nerve disease that would make the operation too risky
  • An active, severe infection that can’t be completely treated or cured, such as tuberculosis
  • An inability to follow your doctor's instructions

Of course, all major surgery carries risks, and a transplant is no exception. The risks associated with surgery in general are:

  • Reactions to anesthesia
  • Problems breathing
  • Bleeding
  • Infection

Transplants carry additional problems, such as:

  • Rejection (the body considers the transplanted organ to be a “foreign substance” and uses its natural immune system to destroy it)
  • Life-long need to take medicines (called immunosuppressive drugs) that prevent rejection by suppressing the immune system, thus weakening the body's ability to fight infections
  • Finding a healthy organ
  • Cost


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