Carotid Endarterectomy

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Dr. Pravina Ushakant Shah

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  • 40 years experience

Dr. Virender Kumar Khosla

  • MBBS, MS (General Surgery), (Neurosurgery), FICS, MNAMS
  • 38 years experience

Dr. Sudesh Kumar Prabhakar

  • DM Neurology-1978
  • 37 years experience

Dr. S.S.K Ayyar

  • FAAN (USA), MD, DM (Neurology)
  • 35 years experience

Dr. Madhuri Behari

  • DM (Neurology) from AIIMS, MD (Medicine) from Lady Hardinge Medical College, Delhi University, MBBS
  • 34 years experience

Dr. Ashis Pathak

  • M.Ch-1987
  • 30 years experience

Dr. Lt(Gen) Ajit Singh Narula

  • DM (Nephrology) Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh(1989), MD (Medicine) Armed Forces Medical College, Pune (1982), MBBS - Stanley Medical College, Madras (1975), Fellow of American College of Physicians (2008)
  • 30 years experience

Dr. Rajesh Garg

  • MBBS, MD -Medicine , DM ( Neurology)
  • 30 years experience

Dr. Deepu Banerji

  • M.Ch (Neurosurgery)
  • 28 years experience

Dr. Harjinder S Bhatoe

  • M.Ch, MS, MBBS
  • 27 years experience

Dr. Pushkar Gupta

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  • 25 years experience

Dr. Rana Patir

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  • 23 years experience

Dr. Soundappan

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  • 23 years experience

Dr. Dinesh Nayak

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Dr. Raj Kamal

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Dr. Renu Achtani

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Dr. Prosenjit Chakraborty

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Dr. Ashish Gupta

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Dr. Gautam Zaveri

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Dr. Neetu Ramrakhiani

  • MD Medicine, DM Neurology, DNB Neurology
  • 16 years experience

Dr. JP Singhvi

  • D.M.
  • 16 years experience

Dr. Dibanath Chakraborthy

  • 15 years experience

Dr. Debashis Chakraborty

  • MRCP (UK) , MD (Medicine) , DNB (Neurology)
  • 15 years experience

Dr. Jyoti B. Sharma

  • DM (Neurology), MD (Medicine), Annual Course of Movement Disorder Society, Continuing Medical Education American Academy of Neurology 2007
  • 11 years experience

Dr. Sharad Sharma

  • 11 years experience

Dr. Dinesh Bansal

  • D.M. (Nephrology) Postgraduate Medical Institute, Chandigarh, India, December 2013, M.D. (Internal Medicine) UCMS, Delhi University Delhi, India, June 2009, M.B.B.S. Maulana Azad Medical college, New Delhi, India, March 2005, International Society of Nephrology St Georges Hospital London, UK and PGIMER sister center exchange fellow 2016
  • 11 years experience

Dr. Vishnu Gupta

  • M.Ch (Neurosurgery)
  • 11 years experience

Dr. Atampreet Singh

  • MBBS, MD(Pediatrics), DM(Neurology), Fellowship In Epilepsy
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Dr. Anil Dhingra

  • MCh.
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Dr. Harpreet Singh Mann

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Dr. Alok Jain

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Dr. Anurag Gupta

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Dr. Manik Mahajan

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Dr. Sathish Kumar V

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Dr. Sukanta Das

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Dr. Praveen Gupta

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Dr. Nithin Kumar N

  • DM (Neurology) - Bombay Hospital & Institute of Medical Science (Mumbai), MD (General Medicine) - Karnataka Medical College (Hubli), MBBS - Mysore Medical College (Mysore)
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Dr. Ashok Singhal

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Dr. Deshpande V Rajakumar

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Dr. Vijay Kher

  • DNB (Nephro) - National Boards, India (1980), DM (Nephro) - PGIMER, Chandigarh (1979), MD (Int.Med) - PGIMER, Chandigarh (1977), MBBS - Glancy Medical College, Amritsar, Punjab (1973)
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Dr. Suresh Kumar

  • DM (Neurology), MD
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Dr. Krishnan PR

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Dr. Vijay Kant Dixit

  • MD (Radiodiagnosis), M.B.B.S.
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About Carotid Endarterectomy

Carotid endarterectomy refers to a surgical procedure that is carried out unblock a carotid artery. The carotid arteries are the two important blood vessels that supply the blood to the head and neck.

Carotid endarterectomies are performed when one or both carotid arteries get narrowed due to an accumulation of fatty deposits (plaque). This is known as carotid artery disease or carotid artery stenosis.

If a narrowed carotid artery is left unattended, blood flow to the brain may be lowered. This is generally because a blood clot forms and a piece breaks off and goes to the brain. This can result in either:

  • a stroke – a serious medical condition that can cause brain damage or death
  • a transient ischaemic attack (TIA) – sometimes known as a "mini-stroke", a TIA is similar to a stroke but the signs and symptoms are temporary and usually disappear within 24 hours.

Carotid endarterectomy is found to significantly bring down the risk of a stroke in people with extremely narrowed carotid arteries. In people who have previously had a stroke or a TIA, their risk of having another stroke or TIA within the next three years is reduced by a third after surgery.

It's now thought the operation should be done at the earliest after the onset of symptoms. It's necessary to seek immediate medical advice if you experience symptoms such as:

  • numbness or weakness in the face, arm or leg
  • speech problems
  • loss of vision in one eye

The Procedure

Carotid endarterectomy can be performed by giving the patient either local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic. The benefit of local anaesthetic is it enables the surgeon to check brain function while you're awake. However, there's no proof that either is safer or better.

During the procedure, a 7-10 cm (2.5-4 inch) incision is made between the corner of your jaw and your breastbone. A small cut is then made along the narrowed section of artery, and the fatty deposits that have built up are removed. The artery is then closed with stitches or a patch and your skin is also closed with stitches.

Once the procedure is done, the patient is generally moved to the recovery area of the operating theatre for monitoring. Most people are well enough to go home within about 48 hours of the procedure.

However, there's a small risk of more serious complications, which can include stroke or death in around 3% of cases. Nevertheless, this risk is much lower than in people with carotid artery disease who haven't chosen to have the operation.

Carotid endarterectomy is the first choice treatment for the treatment of narrowed carotid arteries, but sometimes an alternative procedure known as carotid artery stent placement may be chosen.

This is a less invasive procedure as compared to a carotid endarterectomy due to no need of making a cut being made in the neck. Instead, a thin flexible tube is guided to the carotid artery through a small cut in the groin. A mesh cylinder (stent) is then placed into the narrowed section of artery to widen it and allow blood to flow through it more easily.

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