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About Biopsy

Biopsy is typically a diagnostic procedure that is carried out to ascertain the presence of cancer. In a biopsy procedure, a doctor takes out a sample of tissue for signs and extent of cancer under a microscope. In general, the sample tissues for a biopsy are taken from a living subject. The word biopsy comes from the Greek words "bios," meaning "life," and "opsis," meaning "a sight." Together, they mean "to view life."

Basis the given objective, a biopsy may be excisional or incisional:

  • An excisional biopsy is when a whole lump or targeted area is surgically eliminated
  • An incisional biopsy, or core biopsy, involves extracting a sample of tissue

There are several types of biopsy including:

  • A scrape: Cells are detached from the surface of tissue, for instance, from the inside of the mouth or the neck of the womb, or cervix. It is often used in cervical cancer screening, generally known as pap smears. It can be used to check fungal infections of the skin.
  • A punch biopsy: A punch is a round-shaped knife that is used to cut and remove a disk of tissue. This is performed to collect a sample of skin tissue to check for malignancy, or cancer It can also be used to check for inflammation.
  • A needle biopsy: A needle is employed to remove a sample, generally of liquid. A wide needle is used for a core biopsy, while a thin one is used for a fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB). It is often used for breast and thyroid sampling.
  • A capsule biopsy: This is used to take a sample from the intestines.
  • Stereotactic biopsy: Samples are taken from the brain, using stereotactic surgery to find the biopsy site. A stereotactic system uses three-dimensional coordinates to locate small targets inside the body.
  • Colposcopic biopsy: This is used to evaluate a patient who has had an abnormal pap, or cervical, smear. The colposcope is a close-focusing telescope that allows the doctor to see areas of the cervix in detail.
  • Endoscopic biopsy: An endoscope is used to collect the sample. An endoscope is a long, thin, lighted optical instrument used to get deep inside the body and examine or operate on organs.

Biopsy is a critical procedure when it comes to confirm the onset of cancer. A large number of patients come to India to seek unmatched cancer care is nation’s leading healthcare institutes. Our primary role is to act as a bridge between the service seeker and service provider by providing all needed information in a more interactive and understandable way.

Sometimes you may already reel under a condition but a biopsy can help to determine how severe it is. For example, a biopsy may help to find out how severe inflammation is within an organ such as the liver. It may also help in determining the type or stage of cancer. This will then help the medical team decide on which treatment would be best.


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