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Dr. V. P. Bhalla

Dr. V. P. Bhalla

Sr. Consultant & Director Institute of Digestive & Liver Diseases, BLK Superspeciality Hospital, Delhi, India
33 Years Experience
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Mon - Sat 09:00 am - 02:00 pm

Dr Arvinder S Soin

Dr Arvinder S Soin

Chairman - Institute of Liver Transplantation and Regenerative Medicine
29 Years Experience
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Mon - Sat 10:00 am - 02:00 pm

Dr. Ajitabh Srivastava

Dr. Ajitabh Srivastava

Consultant - Liver Transplantation
23 Years Experience
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Mon - Sat 11:00 am - 02:00 pm

Dr. Vivek Vij

Dr. Vivek Vij

Director - GI Surgery and Liver Transplant
19 Years Experience
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Mon - Sat 10:00 am - 04:00 pm

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About Liver Transplant

Liver Transplant simply refers to a surgical procedure in which a disease liver is replaced with a healthy liver. The replacement could involve a part of the liver or the whole liver. In most cases, the healthy liver will come from an organ donor who has just died.

The liver is the only organ in the body that can replace lost or injured tissue (regenerate). The donor’s liver will soon grow back to normal size after surgery. The part that you receive as a new liver will also grow to normal size in a few weeks.

The most common reasons for needing a liver transplant are.

  • Alcoholic liver disease
  • Cancers that start in the liver  combined with cirrhosis
  • Fatty liver disease (nonalcoholic steatohepatitis)
  • Cirrhosis caused by chronic hepatitis C
  • Bad reactions to prescription medicines, illegal drugs, and herbal medicines
  • Viral hepatitis
  • Toxins
  • Blockage of the blood vessels to the liver
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Genetic disorders

Types of Liver Transplant

  • Deceased donor transplants: - Most of the livers for transplants are sourced from people who have just died, known as deceased donors. During a deceased donor transplant, surgeons eliminate the diseased or injured liver and replace it with the deceased donor’s liver. Adults generally receive the entire liver from a deceased donor. However, surgeons may divide a deceased donor’s liver into two parts. The larger part may go to an adult, and the smaller part may go to a smaller adult or child.
  • Living donor transplants: - More often a healthy living person will donate part of his or her liver, most often to a family member who is suggested for a liver transplant. This type of donor is known as a living donor. During a living donor transplant, surgeons remove a part of the living donor’s healthy liver. Surgeons remove the diseased or injured liver and replace it with the part from the living donor. The living donor’s liver grows back to normal size soon after the surgery. The part of the liver that one gets also grows to normal size. Living donor transplants are less common than deceased donor transplants.

A team of experts considers several factors while determining the need for a liver transplant. These include:

  • How severe your condition is
  • Other medical conditions you have
  • A history of tuberculosis and chronic infections like HIV
  • Your overall physical condition
  • Your mental well-being
  • Level of support from your family or friends

Before allowing a liver transplant, a doctor will check whether it will both enhance a person’s life and be successful. A person may not be a likely transplant candidate if they have other chronic conditions that could affect a transplant’s success.

After a liver transplant procedure, your doctor may suggest lifestyle changes, including regular exercise and a healthy diet. You can incorporate practices like these at any stage to boost your strength and overall health. Being physically healthy may reduce your chances for transplant rejection.

You can also restrict risk factors that can lead to liver disease. Among the most common are:

  • Alcohol abuse
  • Smoking
  • Acetaminophen overdose
  • Obesity and high cholesterol

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