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Dr. Vishal Saxena

Dr. Vishal Saxena

Senior Consultant - Nephrology & Renal Transplant
12 Years Experience
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Mon - Sat 12:00 pm - 05:00 pm

Dr. Salil Jain

Dr. Salil Jain

Additional Director - Nephrology & Renal Transplant
18 Years Experience
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Mon - Sat 04:00 pm - 07:30 pm

Dr. Feroz Amir Zafar

Dr. Feroz Amir Zafar

Senior Consultant - Kidney and Urology Institute
8 Years Experience
3 Awards
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Mon - Sat 10:00 am - 02:00 pm

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About Kidney Transplant

In general, kidney transplant is actually a surgical procedure in which surgeons place a healthy in the place of a worn-out kidney. A kidney donor could be a living or dead person, most often a family member. A kidney from a person who has just died is a deceased donor kidney. A kidney from a living person is known as a living donor kidney. If there is no living donor who can give you a kidney, the transplant team will place you on a national waiting list for a kidney from a deceased donor.

During the surgery, surgeons place transplanted kidneys in the lower abdomen, somewhere adjacent to the groin. The surgeon links the artery and vein from the donor kidney to an artery and a vein in the body so as to ensure adequate flow of blood through the transplanted kidney. The surgeon attaches the ureter from the donor kidney to the bladder, allowing urine flow from the new kidney to your bladder. 

The new kidney may start working right away or may take up to a few weeks to make urine. If the new kidney does not start working right away, the patient will need dialysis treatments to screen wastes and extra salt and fluid from the body until it starts working. Lest your damaged kidneys cause infections or high blood pressure or are cancerous, they can remain in your body.

Chronic Kidney Disease and Kidney Failure

Almost every single, our kidneys filter about 120 to 150 quarts of blood to produce about 1 to 2 quarts of urine, which is comprised of wastes and excess fluid. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) simply refers to a condition when kidneys are not filtering as well as they should. CKD generally does not improve on its own and may lead to kidney failure over time. When the kidneys fail to filter, harmful wastes and extra salt and fluid build up in your body. This is where the need for treatment emerges out to replace the work your damaged kidneys have stopped doing. Treatment options include.

  • Hemodialysis
  • Peritoneal dialysis
  • A kidney transplant

These treatments can help you patients stay well. Some people live with kidney disease for years without needing to go on dialysis or get a transplant. Others progress ghastly to kidney failure. Left untreated, kidney failure will lead to coma, seizures, and death.

There are top kidney transplant hospitals in india are available at the affordable cost.

In most of the hospitals in India, a team of transplant surgeons work to make the process successful. The team can be comprised of:

  • Surgeon— the doctor who puts the kidney in your body.
  • Nephrologist— a doctor who specializes in kidney health. The nephrologist may work in partnership with a nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant.
  • Transplant coordinator— a specially trained nurse who will be your point of contact, arrange your appointments, and educate you before and after the transplant.
  • Social worker— a person who is trained to help people solve problems in their daily lives, such as finding employment, affordable housing, or day-care.
  • Dietitian— a person who is an expert in food and nutrition. Dietitians teach people about the foods they should eat and how to plan healthy meals.

Millions of people from different countries come to India to seek unmatched kidney transplant services in the most cost effective manner. In a short period of time, India has become a kidney transplant hub for people all across the world. Renowned surgeons and world-class technical support are what makes India an ultimate choice for liver transplant.

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