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Take your medical expertise beyond your established network

With a centralized connective portal of Healboat, any clinic or doctors can spread their medical professional network further than they could. Connect with your extended network of patients and even other medical experts fast and get access to professional expansion faster.

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Join the many medical experts of the world and Evolve yourself while you help them evolve

Grow your network

Spread your practice further than you

Provide your medical expertise to more patients, gather professional boost in an international way and enhance your practice at a global scale
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Manage your details

Manage your details

One portal every management

Manage the patient’s records, your prescription details, appointments, financials and much more at one centralized portal.
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Connect with experts

Get privately connected to other experts

Get in touch with other medical experts, discuss your medical movements and even enhance your already impressive medical practices.
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Why use Healboat?

Professional Network Growth

Through intimate private discussions through this portal, there is an innate potential for you to grow your professional network in more ways than one.

Enhance Your Reputation

With millions of treatment seekers across the globe, Healboat is giving you a chance to make a real difference beyond the confines of your hospitals.

Clinical Expansion

Expose your clinic’s expertise to the millions of treatment seekers and pave the way for your medical expansion.

Evolve Your Practice Beyond

Get access to more patients through this portal, and evolve your medical practice beyond.

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