Cancer Treatment Cost in India

When it comes to cancer, a proper treatment which is a combination of drugs, medicines, surgeries and medicines is needed. However, many people around the world tend not to pursue the treatment due to its relatively expensive nature. Therefore, In order to make such therapies affordable to everyone, Indian doctors have taken some steps to reduce the costs of cancer treatments.  With therapies being affordable, it is quite possible to make sure that everyone survives.


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Cancer Treatment Cost in India


When it comes to treating cancer, there is only a narrow variety of possibilities. It is perhaps because of this that the amount required to pay for cancer treatment is so much more in the countries belonging to the western hemisphere that include America, Australia, Europe, and other developed nations. This might be because of the unpredictable nature of cancer and that each amount to be paid might differ based on the stage and type of cancer. As a general rule of thumb, the wider cancer, the most money you have to pay to get rid of it.

However, the matter of costs of treatment is entirely reversed in India, for she offers some of the cheapest options of treatment. However, the cheapest doesn’t mirror the treatment per se, for it is of top class and quality. 

One of the major and the primary ways to treat cancer is to get rid of it, and one way that is prevalent throughout each and every type of malignancy is surgery. Now, surgery tends to cost a lot more than chemotherapy because of the following reasons:

  • There is a risk factor associated with surgery.
  • The surgeon has to remove the healthy cells around the cancerous ones In order to make sure that the latter cells won’t regenerate.
  • In later stages, the risk increases.

However, in India, the doctors have sought for a consistent way to charge for such a treatment. Currently, depending on the stages, the patient will have to pay around $4000 to $10000 to get a proper surgery in India.

Do not think that these low cost might cause the doctors to slack off. It is not the case s the success rate of surgery in India is about 100%; however, the survival rate might vary with:

  • 45% for women with ovarian cancer
  • 17.8% of people with lung cancer.
  • 76.9% of women with Vulvar cancer.
  • 66% survival rate for breast cancer.

Surgery has always been successful for cancer treatment when it comes to India. Therefore, there is no need for your procrastinate and move forward with the treatment. You can also find here best cancer hospitals in India with the specilaist and latest equipment.

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