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About Cancer

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a malignancy where certain abnormal cells start to replicate at an uncontrollable. As these cells tend not to have a life cycle and therefore, too form clusters that impact the growth of healthy cells. Eventually, this malignancy evolves into a tumour in certain organs of the body. Cancer has been known to reduce the life expectancy of patients in the late stages. Therefore, the treatment of this disease starts just when the cancer is detected. You can get best cancer treatment in India at affordable cost. 

Types of Cancer

Cancer has multiple variants and subtypes to those variants. However, the most common one are listed below:

  1. Breast cancer: The most common form of cancer in women. This form of malignancy happens when the cancer cells are formed in the breasts.
  2. Prostate Cancer: This is also known as the testicular cancer. Here, the cancerous growth is formed in the prostate glands of the male.
  3. Basal Cell Cancer:  This form of cancer starts with the abnormality in the basal cells.
  4. Melanoma: It is the most detrimental variant of skin cancer.
  5. Stomach Cancer: the cancer of the stomach, they are hard to diagnose as the symptoms tend to be so common that they can be misconstrued as common pains.
  6. Vaginal Cancer:  A prominent form of cancer in females and it starts in the vaginal region.
  7. Vulvan cancer: A visible form of cancer where the vulva is affected by cancerous cells.
  8. Leukaemia: Cancer of the tissues that form blood.
  9. Lymphoma:  The most diversified form of cancer of the lymphatic system. It has about a dozen of subtypes.
  10. Oral cancer: Cancer of the mouth.
  11. Colon Cancer: It is a malignancy of the rectum and colon.
  12. Ovarian cancer: This form of malignancy starts in the women’s ovaries.
  13. Lung cancer: Malignancy of the lungs.
  14. Liver cancer: Malignancy of the liver.
  15. Renal cancer:  This form of cancer starts in the kidneys.

Causes of Cancer

The reasons for cancer can be both genetic and environmental affects. To that end, following are the most common causes of this disease:

  1. Genetic defects that are inherited
  2. Environmental factors such as chemical or radiation exposure.
  3. Certain types of Infections
  4. Smoking.
  5. Over consumption of alcohol.
  6. Certain other types of lifestyle choices.

While there are many environmental factors responsible for cancer, the most probable cause for all forms of cancer is always genetic defect.

Cancer Treatment

Because there are so many forms of cancer, that's why the treatment is also diversified. However, some of them are common and we can condense that into the following:

  1. Targeted therapy: In this type of treatment cancer cells are targeted using chemical administration.
  2. Biological Therapy: This form of treatment is concerned with bringing the immune system of the body up to speed to deal with the cancerous growth.
  3. Radiotherapy: through targeted radiation, cancer cells are destroyed.
  4. Chemotherapy: A treatment concerned with halting the production of the cancer cells.
  5. Stem cell transplantation: this treatment is suitable for most forms of blood cancer.
  6. Tropical therapy: Meant for skin and vulvan cancer, some topical ointments are provided to curb the cancer cells.
  7. Surgery: The most opted option to remove the cancerous growth from the body.

While there are many uncommon forms of treatments, you can get a better knowledge about them by contacting the hospitals we are associated with. These hospitals are: Fortis, Medanta, Global, Jaypee, Max super speciality and other.

Cancer Treatment Cost, Success Rate and Survival rate

When it comes to the cost of cancer treatment in India, you would find that it is many times lower than what you would pay in the nations on the other side of the pond. However, the low costs do not mirror the quality of the services that these hospitals provide. To that end, the success rate of the surgical treatment is 100 % and the survival rate after the operations averages to between 80 to 100%. With such high success rates and low cost, India has become a suitable place for the matters of medical tourism.



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