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Skincare with Ditching These Ingredients from Your Sunscreen

June 27th, 2018
Skincare with Ditching These Ingredients from Your Sunscreen

Protecting your skin is of utmost importance to beat the heat of continuously warming up the sun. The most important thing to protect you from the harmful effects of sun rays is sunscreen. Sunscreen is our best friend for skin care routine irrespective of the season. While covering your skin with the SPF is a good idea, there are certain adverse impacts of it that can’t surely be ignored. There are two kinds of sunscreens one is physical and other is chemical.

Physical sunscreens are made up of natural minerals like titanium oxide and the zinc oxide. Covering the surface of your skin they physically block or reflect the sun’s UVA and UVB rays protecting it from their adverse impacts. However, the physical products can be thick and messy to apply to leave a white gleam on the face. Moreover, they may clog pores of your skin.

Chemical Sunscreens are made up of certain synthetic ingredients like Oxybenzone and octinoxate that are absorbed into your skin in order to filter and absorb UV rays effectively protecting the deeper layers of skin.  As the chemical sunscreen is absorbed into your skin it may lead to irritation and certain other adverse skin reactions.

There are certain key constituents of the sunscreens that should be watched out for in order to reap the best possible benefits of it and avoid the possible side effects associated.

Homosalate- This is the element of sunscreen that helps to penetrate your skin. It absorbs in your body faster than you are able to get rid of it. Till then it becomes toxic and disrupts your hormones.

Paraben – These preservatives can cause both acute and chronic side effects like inducing allergic reactions, disruptions in hormone production, reproductive toxicity. Moreover, this chemical in sunscreen is known to contribute to the development of breast cancer.

Oxybenzone- It is the chemical that helps the other chemicals penetrating the skin. When this chemical comes in contact with the UV rays they undergo a chemical reaction. When it is absorbed by your skin it results in an allergic reaction that may spread to the other areas and lasts for longer periods.

Octinoxate-   It is a most common ingredient that is found in almost every sunscreen with SPF. It is readily absorbed by your skin and helps others ingredients also in getting readily absorbed into your skin. Unlike oxybenzone, this element does not cause any kind of allergic reaction but it may cause hormone disruption.  Contrary to the expectation from sunscreen, this ingredient is believed to produce menacing free radicals that damage the skin and the cells resulting in premature aging.

Retinyl Palmitate- Retinyl Palmitate as similar to vitamin A is the antioxidant. It is added to the sunscreen and performs the function of protecting the skin from aging effects of UV exposure.  When this ingredient is exposed to the sun its compound breaks down and forms destructive free radicals that damage your DNA and may cause cancer.  Also, it speeds up the development of malignant tumors and skin tumors when they are applied to the skin prior to sun exposure. 

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