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Get Flawless Skin in summer with These Easy Tips

June 18th, 2018
Get Flawless Skin in summer with These Easy Tips

With summer season around the corner chilled drinks, ice creams and summer dresses and swimming pools are becoming the best friends of every person. With the temperature scale rising high year by year in India summers are becoming the nightmares of every person. The hot sun rays and the warm winds bring a whole bag of problems for our skin including tanning, roughness, clogging of skin pores and dullness. There are multiple products available in the market claiming to be the best for your skin.  But these products would cost you a good amount of money. So now how can you get flawless skin? Don’t worry! Certain effective home remedies treasured in the kitchen of your house can definitely come to your rescue. If you ensure to use certain easy tips religiously you can be assured of getting a healthy and flawless skin. So here we present the list of best things you can do to keep your skin glowing in this summer- 

Wash your face- Make sure to wash your face frequently in order to get rid of the excess sweat and dust accumulated on your face. Rather than using facewashes you can use a cotton ball dipped in cold milk for removing the layer of dust present on your face.

Make sunscreen your best friend- Do not! I repeat do not even think of going out without the sunscreen. In order to protect your skin from harmful UV rays apply sunscreen with at least 30 SPF before stepping out.

Exfoliate your skin- In order to retain the natural glow of the skin, it is important that you must exfoliate your skin at least twice in a week.  There are multiple home remedies you can use for this purpose like a paste of besan, milk, oatmeal/turmeric and lemon can help your skin in a great way.  In case you have an acne prone skin then you can opt for the mixture of fuller’s earth, rose water and sandalwood.

Cleaning of skin- Cleaning the skin is equally important as exfoliating it.  For this purpose, you can apply curd or home on your face.

Moisturizing- One of the important aspects of skin care routine is moisturizing your skin. If you have a normal skin go for normal skin on the other hand for oily skin prefer gel-based moisturizer.

There are also some tips to get healthy skin in natural way.

Staying hydrated- In order to beat the heat this summers, it is important for you to stay hydrated and keep your skin hydrated too. To ensure a perfect skin drink and apply Watermelon juice, coconut juice, and cucumber juice etc.

Fight tanning- One of the biggest problem faced by people in summer season is to tanning. Now you get rid of tan with some simple home remedies.  People with any skin type use tomato and lemon juice for tanning.  Make a paste of lemon or tomato juice with fuller earth, curd or sandalwood powder and apply it on your face for 10 minutes to get the best results. You can also use honey and lemon paste for this purpose.

Aloe Vera– It is another magical ingredient that is ideal for getting the picture perfect skin in summers.For getting the best results take fresh aloevera, put them in the tray, freeze them and then use their ice cubes on your face. You can use these cubes once you come from outside, before applying makeup or at night.

Banana – For smooth and clear skin mash a banana, mix some milk or egg white in it and apply it on your face for about 20 minutes.  Banana contains potassium, vitamin C and E for keeping your skin moisturized and clear.

Papaya- Papaya is also a magnificent option for a beautiful skin. Make a paste of mashed papaya and add some lemon juice to it. Apply this paste for about 20 minutes on your face and get ready for a soft and glowing skin.

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