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Explore the Right Contraception Basis your Age

November 21st, 2017
Explore the Right Contraception Basis your Age

In today’s fast-paced world, population control is very much necessary as it helps in creating a perfect balance between male and female population. According to experts, the only effective way to avert pregnancy is abstinence, which means not doing sex. If one of the partners is sexually active, contraception emerges out as the best option forward.

Contraceptive Methods

Birth control methods are mainly of six types:

Hormonal methods: These options include birth control pills, shots, skin patch, vaginal rings, and implants.

Intrauterine Devices (IUDs): When injected into the uterus, IUDs help prevent pregnancy and are of two types – copper IUD and hormonal IUD

Barrier Methods: Condoms, diaphragms, and sponges, are the most generally adopted barrier methods for preclusion of pregnancy as well as protection from STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases).

Natural Methods: Also called Fertility Awareness, this
methodencompassesavoiding sex or using a barrier option during the ‘fertile days’ of the woman. The general types of natural family planning include Calendar Rhythm Method, Measuring Basal Body Temperature, Mucus Inspection Method, Symptothermal Method, Withdrawal Method, and more. These kind of natural family planning approacheshelps in preventing pregnancy.

Permanent Birth Control: Commonly known as Sterilization, this method is perfect for couples who do not wish to have any children. By undergoing a Vasectomy, a man, and with a Tubal Ligation, a woman can choose this permanent way of contraception.

Emergency Contraception: This method is a standby method if a condom fails or the couple has elapsed to use a birth control method.

Family planning can prevent closely spaced and ill-timed pregnancies and births, which contribute to some of the world’s highest infant mortality rates. Infants of mothers who die as a result of giving birth also have a greater risk of death and poor health.

Various agencies such as WHO are working to encourage family planning by giving evidence-based guidelines on safety and service delivery of contraceptive methods, emerging quality standards and providing pre-qualification of contraceptive commodities, and helping countries bring, adapt and implement these tools to meet their needs.


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