Breastfeeding Benefits for Mom and Baby

Breastfeeding Benefits for Mom and Baby

Breastfeeding Benefits for Mom and Baby
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  • February 19th, 2018
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Before becoming a mother, every lady should know some important facts about breastfeeding, as there is a saying ”breast is best”, everybody should know what is so best about breastfeeding.

Chances of getting sick are less for the babies who are breastfed: Problems such as ear infections, diarrhea and stomach problems risks can be reduced in the babies if they are breastfed.

Human milk boosts a baby’s immune system: If the baby is breastfed it will make the immune system of the babies strong as they will be able to fight against viral, bacterial, and parasitic infections such as Bacterial meningitis, Pneumonia, Urinary tract infections etc.

Not only for child breastfeeding is amazing for the women who breastfeed their children as it reduces the risk of ovarian and
breast cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis as well, as a theory says that if women breastfeed for almost 8 years has nearly 0% risk of breast cancer.

Children who are breastfed have a lower rate of certain illnesses as they grow up: Breastfeeding can prevent babies from even after when they grow up as the risk of leukemia, obesity, high blood pressure,
asthma will be very less.

Lowering the level of postpartum blood loss: Breastfeeding helps a mother in lowering the blood loss and returning to the pre-pregnancy size even faster than normal and your babies can smell you because they recognize the unique fragrance of the breast milk.

Breastfeeding helps in reducing the weight of the mother: Mother who breastfeed their babies can burn up to 600 calories per day which definitely helps the mothers in
reducingtheirpost pregnancy weight.

Breastfeeding helps in creating a bond with the baby: Mother’s milk is complete food for babies which contains such substances which keep the babies calm and also helps in promoting sleep.

Breastfeeding lowers the risk of infant sudden death: who are breastfed have very low chances of (SIDS) sudden infant death syndrome.

Breast milk keeps on changing with time: In the beginning, milk is watery blue and it becomes thicker, fattier day by day to fulfill the need of the calories in the body of the babies.

Breastfeeding gives exposure of different tastes to babies: Whatever mother intakes in their bodies babies eventually get the taste of those foods, so it does helps babies in adopting foods of different tastes in a later stage.

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