Rapid Reaction towards a Heart Attack Patient

Rapid Reaction towards a Heart Attack Patient

Rapid Reaction towards a Heart Attack Patient
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  • November 15th, 2018
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Rapid reaction towards a heart attack patient is a necessary step that you can take before help arrives to save that patient’s life. In this blog, we are detailing the steps that you can yourself take when you see someone going through the painful ordeal of heart attack in front of you. If you do everything right, the cardiologist near you can handle everything else and you can save someone.


There are days when you are just walking your own beat and something bad happens to someone around you. Now, while you do not have any obligation to do anything about it, I believe that you have a kind heart and you would step forward to help. What if that something bad is a heart attack? How would you react? How would you save them? A rapid reaction towards a heart attack patient makes all the difference in the world, and we are here to tell you how to do that.

Watching out for the signs of heart attack

Heart attack, while happens all of a sudden, has some tells. These signs can help you be pro-active in the matter and you can react fast. These signs emphasizing on immense discomfort are extremely visible and they are as follows:

  1. Sign 1: An uncomfortable amount of pressure on the chest causing immense pain.

What you would observe?

In this condition, you would observe that the patient is shaking and trying to speak, but the pressure isn’t allowing them to.

  1. Sign 2: pain that spread across chest. Jaw, neck, both the arms and even the upper abdomen.

What you would observe?

The person with these symptoms would be clenching their hands, trying to put some pressure over it. If the intensity of the pain is high, they would try to find a comfortable position to sit.

  1. Sign 3: There is shortness in breath

What you will observe?

Shortness of breath leads to rapid breathing combined with the need to hold on to something.

  1. Sign 4: Light headedness, and dizziness

What you would observe?

You would observe that the person has trouble standing still, and at times they just fall on the ground, unconscious.

  1. Sign 5: Immense sweating

What you would observe?

Sweating, combined with immense discomfort and loss of orientation.

  1. Sign 5: Nausea

What would you observe?

Loss of equilibrium with vomiting as well

The aforementioned signs might be related to heart attack, might not be. However, being a Good Samaritan that you are, you should still be vigilant and watch out for them.

Your reaction to the signs

Now that you know what signs to watch out for, how to react to these heart attack signs is what matters the most. Before we go into the semantics, let us get one thin out of the gate. Being vigilant and being rapid is the key here. You do not have much time to think in such situations and much of the points that I am going to mention here are on the whims of your impulse.

  1. Call your local emergency Number: Get your cell phone and call the local emergency unit to deal with this matter.
  2.  Keep an aspirin handy: It is not unexpected to keep an aspirin handy these days. Give aspirin to the guy who is about to go through heart attack. If the guy is already on the ground, forcing it down helps as well.
  3. Check for other medications: Always think that the guy lying in front of you has a heart condition. To that end, check their pockets and look for nitro-glycerine. It is prescribed medication for heart condition.
  4. CPR Administration: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation can be the wall between life and death. Administer mouth to mouth CPR if you can. If you are not comfortable with that, role a sheet of paper and blow through it with the other end in the patient’s mouth.
  5. Chest compressions: Till help arrives, your job is to ensure that the patient’s heart doesn’t stop. Therefore, perform chest compressions at the frequency of 100 or 120 per minute.

Once the patient has survived till the help arrives, starting praying for the cardiologist near you to help save that life as well.


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