Types of Spine Surgery and Treatment in India

Types of Spine Surgery and Treatment in India

Types of Spine Surgery and Treatment in India
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  • February 9th, 2018
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Our spine performs the significant functions of supporting our weight, assisting in our body movements and protecting our spinal cord and nerves. A backache is one of the most common problems prevalent in the people from all around the world. The possible causes of a severe backache may be continuously sitting for long hours, lack of exercise and unhealthy working habits. After the initial treatment if the spine disease of the person is not cured then the doctors may go for the spine surgery.  There are multiple kinds of Spine surgeries that may be conducted depending upon the problem of the patient. Further, for every kind of spine surgery, there are special doctors in India providing the optimum treatment.

The various types of spine surgeries treatment in India are as follows-

Lumbar artificial disc replacement

To heal the severe back pain in the lumber section Lumbar artificial disc replacement surgery is conducted. This surgery is performed to replace a damaged intervertebral disc.  In the Lumber Vertebrae of the spine located in between the rib cage and the pelvis, this surgery is conducted.

Treatment in India

The experienced doctors in India conduct this surgery by taking the utmost care.  In this surgical procedure, the painful disc is replaced by a prosthetic implant that is made of metal. With this surgery, the patient can get relief from the back pain along with the normal motion of the disc.

Spine Osteotomy

The spine deformities are corrected and the balance of the body is restored through the osteotomy surgery. It is basically the spinal reconstruction surgery. This surgery is conducted only when the patient does not get relief medication and other non-surgical treatments.

Treatment in India

In this surgical process, a bone is cut and removed from a part of the vertebral segment so as to realign the spine in its proper position. Broadly there are three types of osteotomy:

  • Smith-Peterson Osteotomy: It is procedure that is generally recommended to patients who require a small amount of correction.
  • Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomy: Pedicle subtraction procedure is undertaken when a correction of thirty degrees is required, especially in the lumbar section.
  • Vertebral Column Resection Osteotomy: It involves the complete removal of a single or multiple vertebral bodies.

Spinal Decompression

This surgical procedure is undertaken to relieve symptoms caused by pressure, or compression, on the spinal cord and/or nerve roots. The reasons for such compression may be bulging or collapsed disks, thickened joints, loosened ligaments, and bony growths.

Treatment in India

There are various types of procedures involved in the Spinal Decompressions like-

  • Microdiscectomy: In this procedure, the disc that is exerting pressure on the nerve compressing it is removed.
  • Lumbar Laminectomy: The bony roof and the thick ligaments situated over the spinal canal are removed through this procedure so that decompression can be performed from both sides of the canal.
  • Laminotomy: Alternatively in this procedure a single side of the spinal canal is decompressed by removing a small part of the laminar roof and ligaments above the spinal canal. Most parts of the lamina are left intact in this procedure.

Cervical Spine Surgery

Cervical spine joins the skull to the body and is commonly known as the neck. This surgery is conducted In case of cervical disc disease, arthritis and acute neck pain that lead to muscle spasms in the neck and numbness in the adjoining areas.

Treatment in India

In India Cervical spine surgery is done in three procedures:

  • Cervical fusion – Through this procedure, the gap between two vertebrae after the removal of the worn out disc in the cervical spine is filled.
  • Discectomy- In this procedure, the disc that is pinching the nerves in the area or is pressing the spinal cord through a small incision at the front or the back of the neck is removed and replaced.
  • Artificial cervical disc replacement- Through this surgical process gap that has formed after the removal of the damaged cervical disc is closed.

Spinal Fusion

The spinal fusion surgery is conducted to join two or more vertebrae of the spine. This surgery is conducted when the patient undergoes the problems like the Degenerative disc disease, Spinal disc, herniation, discogenic pain, Spinal tumor and Vertebral fracture etc.

Treatment in India

In the process of spinal fusion, the bone graft of a person or from a donor is used to join the adjoining vertebrae. Metallic screws, rods or cages are also used to stabilize the vertebrae and enable bone fusion.

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