Get to Know More about Lung Cancer Treatment in India

Get to Know More about Lung Cancer Treatment in India

Get to Know More about Lung Cancer Treatment in India
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  • February 15th, 2018
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Also known as lung carcinoma, Lung Cancer is one of the fast developing cancers in the world. the increasing incidents of smoking, air pollution and unhealthy eating habits take a toll of the lungs in the form of lung cancer. The condition is indicated by the uncontrolled growth of cancerous tissues in the lungs.

Lung cancer is the primary cause of cancer losses in women and men throughout the world. Lung cancer has exceeded breast cancer as the major cause of cancer deaths in women for the past 25 years. All across the world, there are more deaths caused by lung cancer than the number of deaths from colon and rectal, breast, and prostate cancer together.

If detected early, a person with lung cancer carries 50% chances of survival of five years and more. Once lung cancer extends to other distant organs, the five-year overall survival goes below than 5%.

Cancer occurs when ongoing disease causes normal cell tissues to grow abnormally and growth without control and potentially spread to other regions of the body. The cells create a mass or tumor that varies from the nearby tissues from which it ascends. Cancers are also known as malignant tumors. Such tumors are fatal because they grab oxygen, nutrients, and space from healthy tissues and because they invade and destroy or reduce the power of normal tissues to perform.

Metastasis is a condition that is indicated by the extension of tumorous tissues to other nearby parts such as bloodstream and other organs. Some tumors in the lung are called metastatic from cancers in other parts in the body. The lungs are a general place for metastasis. In that case, the cancer is not found to be lung cancer.

Also get detail about the types and stages of lung cancer.

Causes of Lung Cancer

Cigarette smoking is the major cause of lung cancer.

  • Cigarette smoke has more than 4,000 chemicals, most of which have been termed as causing cancer.
  • An individual who smokes more than one pack of cigarettes per day carries a 20-25 times greater risk of facing lung cancer than a person who has never smoked.
  • Once a person gets away from smoking, his or her risk for lung cancer progressively decreases. About 15 years after quitting, the risk for lung cancer decreases to the level of someone who never smoked.
  • Cigar and pipe smoking augments the likelihood of lung cancer but not more than smoking cigarettes.

Other causes of lung cancer, including causes of lung cancer in nonsmokers, include the following:

  • Passive smoking, or secondhand smoke, poses higher risk for lung cancer.
  • Air pollution from cars and bikes, factories, and other origins possibly surge the risk for lung cancer, and many doctors in India believe that long-term exposure to contaminated air is alike prolonged exposure to passive smoking in regard to the risk for developing lung cancer.
  • Asbestos exposure augments the risk of lung cancer almost nine times. A mixture of asbestos exposure and cigarette smoking raises the risk to as much as 50 times. Another cancer called mesothelioma (a type of cancer of the inner lining of the chest cavity and the outer lining of the lung called the pleura, or of the lining of the abdominal cavity called the peritoneum) is also strongly linked with exposure to asbestos.
  • Lung diseases, such as tuberculosis (TB) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), also pose a risk for lung cancer. An individual with COPD carries four to six times greater risk of lung cancer even when the effect of cigarette smoking is omitted.
  • Radon exposure
  • Certain professions that involve the exposure to arsenic, chromium, nickel, aromatic hydrocarbons, and ethers that may increase the risk of lung cancer.

Symptoms of lung cancer

According to medical association of India, The symptoms and signs of stage IV lung cancer are fundamentally the same as those for non-small cell lung cancers. Symptoms and signs may include”

  • cough,
  • difficulty breathing,
  • spitting or coughing blood,
  • chest pain,
  • hoarseness, or
  • problems swallowing
  • Shortness of breath

Lung cancer treatment in India

Treatment choices in lung cancer rely primarily on whether SCLC or NSCLC is there. Treatment also depends on the stage of the tumor. In case of NSCLC, the show status of the patient is a major cause of the probability of benefit from treatment. Performance status compares the patient's practical status -- how well they are doing as compared to their pre-illness levels of day to day routine. Risk of side effects and complications raise and diminish of benefit lessens with decreasing performance status. In case of SCLC, a quick response to treatment occurs often sufficient to overcome this problem.

Lung Cancer Surgery

When all lung cancer treatment options fail to deliver results, lung cancer surgery in India is resorted by doctors. Unfortunately, most of patients have advanced or metastatic disease and are not ideal candidates for surgery after doing away with their staging evaluation.

  • People with NSCLC that has not extended can stand surgery given they have adequate lung function.
  • A part of a lobe, a full lobe, or an entire lung may be eliminated. The scope of removal depends on the size of the tumor, its location, and its spread.
  • Treatment rates for small cancers at the edges of the lung are near to 80%.
  • Despite total surgical removal, a majority of patients with early stage cancer face a reappearance of the cancer and get deceased either due to local recurrence, distant metastases, or both.

In recent times, India has become a most sought after avenue to avail the best-in-class lung cancer treatment in the world. Backed by highly experienced surgeons and best-in-class healthcare equipment, India has everything needed to deliver exemplary lung cancer treatment. No matter how severe the problem it, one can be rest assured about getting the best available treatment at the most affordable rates.

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