Caring for a Child with Leukaemia

Caring for a Child with Leukaemia

Caring for a Child with Leukaemia
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  • June 22nd, 2018
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Caring for a child while they are leukemic can be a trying measure for a parent. While the doctors can take full responsibility for the treatment, it is up to the parent to make sure that the child is physically and mentally active at all times. This makes sure that the doctor’s treatment for leukaemia holds up and the child remain s physically and mentally strong. 

By the end of the day, the matters of the treatment and doctors are on one side, and the care at home is on the other. Therefore, you should understand that if your child has leukaemia, it is not a one man, but a two man job. How you care for your child during the troubled times might make all the difference in the world to him.

When it comes to caring for a leukemic child, things that are involved are not merely associated with comforting them; they are also associated with their dietary habits and their restrictions. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to make you aware of some of the facts that you need to take into account when caring for a leukemic child. We are going to be totally honest to you, the times are going to be difficult and you might yourself at a place where you would want to get out from, but remember, all of this is meant for your kid.

Heed to the points below to give the care for your leukemic child that they deserve

As we have emphasised at the start of this blog, the doctors would provide their treatment, and as a parent, you would have to provide your child care. Following are some basic but effective instructions about this part:

Regular medication is important: As a parent, you would have the sole responsibility to make sure that your child is medicated properly and at proper times. If you think there are some problems with the medications, you should contact the hospital in charge as soon as possible. There are many side effects of the treatment of leukaemia, to that end, some of the medication would be to deal with those, you should make sure that your child gets to take the medicine.

A healthy diet to build the strength: One of the major symptoms of leukaemia is the loss in appetite. To that end, you would have to make sure that whatever little they eat, have enough amounts of proteins and calories.

Physical activity is an important facet to be taken into account:  You have to make sure that your child gets to partake in a form of a physical activity that is also regular and is also daily. However, make sure that the activity doesn’t tire their bodies, for it might create certain more detriments that might be also fatal in the long run. Therefore, physical activity is a yes, but too much of a strain on the body is a big no.

Relax your child:  If your child is of the age where they can actually talk and comprehend, then you already might be privy to how fast they have been growing up. Therefore, it is necessary for you to make sure that you provide them with some relaxation techniques like the ones listed in the following:

  • Share his feelings: It is important for a child to know that they are not alone. To that end, make sure to motivate them to share their feelings.
  • It is OK to cry: Leukaemia is a pathetic disease and it should not take your child’s ability to be happy. However, at times, they might feel a bit over whelmed. Therefore, tell them that it is alright if they want o cry.
  • Go artistic: bestow your child with the knowledge and effectiveness of art, this little hobby would help them to deal with their condition.
  • Sleeping is important:  It is important for your child to get enough sleep. Therefore, make sure to let him go to bed, or at times, make them go to bed at the right time.

For vomiting, make sure that your child drinks enough fluids: Fluid intake kind of becomes important when it comes to dealing with the matters of vomiting and diarrhea. Therefore, choose liquids that can remove the dehydration like symptoms from the child’s body. Once they feel all better, make sure to provide them with some ice cream and some crackers.

Keep the doctor handy; While your child is being treated, you would be in constant contact with the doctors. Therefore, make sure to exploit this contact if any of the following scenarios come up:

  • The child is suffering from unrelenting pain.
  • The child has an infection
  • Abnormal bleeding is happening.
  • Cough and other new symptoms have also come up.

Being utmost vigilant is the key to make sure that your child is recovering at all times. Therefore, if you take care of the above measures while your child is being treated, you would even help with accelerating the recovery process.



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