Lung Transplant: Procedure, Cost & Success Rate in India

Lung Transplant: Procedure, Cost & Success Rate in India

Lung Transplant: Procedure, Cost & Success Rate in India
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  • March 31st, 2018
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Lung Transplant surgery is a surgical procedure that is used as a treatment technique to cure the end-stage lung diseases. In this treatment method, the diseased lung or the failed lung of the patient is replaced with the healthy lung of the donor. Let us understand the various aspects of the lung transplant treatment like procedure, cost and the success rate with the help of this blog. 

The lung transplantation procedure is considered as the last resort treatment when there is complete lung failure and there is no other option available to treat the lung diseases.

Preparation of Lung Transplant Treatment

Before determining the procedure of lung transplant treatment the patient will have to undergo the number of laboratory and imaging tests. In case it is ascertained that the patient requires lung transplant treatment the doctor will make sure that the patient is well prepared for it.

In the test conducted if it is found that the patient is suffering from a significant medical problem or any signs of infection, or if the donor's lung is determined to be unacceptable, the surgery will be canceled.

In order to prepare for the transplant surgery, the incision area will be shaved to prevent infection. You will also have an intravenous tube (IV) inserted in your arm to deliver fluids and medicine. Before going to the operating room, you will be given a sedative to help you relax and make you sleepy.


Following is the procedure of performing the lung transplant in India at the best hospitals-

In the lung transplant procedure, the surgeon will perform the following steps to effectively replace the diseased lung:

  • An incision will be placed in the chest of the patient.
  • The airways and blood vessels to the diseased lung will be cut off.
  • The diseased lung of the patient will be removed and will be replaced with the healthy donor lung.
  • The cutoff airways and blood vessels will be reattached.
  • The incision will be closed.
  • In the lung transplant procedure, the patient will be connected to a heart-lung machine.

This machine supports your heart and lungs during surgery. It oxygenates your blood outside your body and pumps it back into your body.

The procedure of lung transplant lasts for a total period of 6 hours and after that, the patient will be kept under observation to check whether the surgery is successful or not.

Risk Factors for Lung Transplant Surgery

There is the number of risks associated with lung transplant surgery. One of the major risks associated with this surgery is the rejection of the new lung by the immune system of the body. Severe rejections may lead to the failure of lung transplant which can be life-threatening. Some other risks associated with lung transplant include the following-

• Bleeding and blood clots

• Cancer and malignancies due to immunosuppressant

• Diabetes

• Kidney damage

• Stomach problems

• Thinning of your bones

Lung Transplant Cost

Best lung transplant hospitals are providing the utmost quality of lung transplant treatment starting at approximately 18500 USD. Lung transplant cost in India is very competitive as compared to many other leading countries.

The Success Rate of the Lung Transplant in India

According to experts, the lung transplant success rate is approximately 80%.  Depending on the severity of the disease the patient is suffering from and the acceptance of new lung by the body the success rate may vary from person to person.  

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