Care Your Life after Kidney Transplant

Care Your Life after Kidney Transplant

Care Your Life after Kidney Transplant
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  • July 4th, 2018
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Due to the various side effect of the treatment, the life just after the kidney transplant is not very easy. However, with the proper diet and activities, it can be assured that the patient can return to his normal life in few weeks.  In this blog, we will discuss the various aspects of the life after the kidney transplant treatment.


A kidney transplant is a crucial procedure that involves removing the diseased kidneys of the person and replacing it with the healthy kidneys of the donor. There are a lot of risk factors associated with this treatment procedure. In some cases, the body of the patient fails to expect the new kidneys and thus begin to attack them. For the initial time period, a person may be kept on dialysis to perform the function of kidneys. As soon as the person’s body start to accept the new kidneys his life gets back to the normal track and move towards improvement.  After that, he can do all the activities he used to do before the transplant but keeping in mind his health limit. Also, taking adequate rest in between the work is necessary so as to accelerate the process of recovery. In this blog, we have outlined the tips that are required to be followed by the patients after the kidney transplant-

  1. Taking the medication- There are certain medications that are prescribed to the patients after the kidney transplant treatment in order to suppress his immune system and prevent it from attacking the new kidneys. The duration of these medications will vary from patients to the patient. In addition to this, it is highly advisable for the patient to follow the prescription given by the doctors and do not stop these medications on their own or alter the prescription.
  2. Exercise- Indulging in regular physical activity is necessary for almost every person for a healthy life. Just like everyone a regular workout regime is important for the kidney transplant survivors also. It will help the patients in improving the quality of their life by controlling their cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and weight. Moreover, regular exercise helps in releasing tension while boosting the energy. It is recommended for these people to undertake 15-20 exercise daily and slowly increase their limit. However, they should not indulge in tiring exercises until they have completely recovered.
  3. Quit Smoking- The patients who continue to smoke after the kidney transplant treatment are at a higher risk of getting kidney failure than others. Thus, it is highly advisable for the patients to quit smoking as soon as possible.
  4. Say no to alcohol and drugs-  After the kidney transplant consumption of alcohol and drugs can prove to be life-threatening. This is because they can lead to suddenly shoot up in the blood pressure and also create hindrances in the way of immunosuppressive medications.
  5. Consuming healthy diet- Diet plays a crucial role in recovering stage of any kind of diseases. Thus, the patient is advised to intake a diet packed with fruit, vegetables, starchy food items like potatoes, bread, rice, milk and proteins items like meat, fish, eggs, beans. Also, the sugary and fat containing items shall be consumed moderately while salt shall be avoided as much as it is possible.
  6. Protect yourself from infection- After this transplant, the patients are at a higher risk of developing infections. Thus, they should take utmost care to ensure their personal hygiene by regularly washing hands before eating, after using the toilet etc.
  7. Sex Life- It is highly advisable for the recipient of the transplant to avoid indulging in any kind of sexual intercourse until their abdominal incision is completely healed. Also, women are advised to avoid pregnancy for at least the complete one year after the surgery.

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