Are Kidney and Heart Diseases Connected? What You Think

Are Kidney and Heart Diseases Connected? What You Think

Are Kidney and Heart Diseases Connected? What You Think
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  • May 9th, 2018
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Researchers have shown that there is the strong connection between the kidney diseases and the heart diseases. With this article, we will see how heart and kidney diseases are interrelated.


Very few people know that there is a very significant relationship between kidney diseases and heart diseases. Due to which the symptoms of these diseases go unrecognized until they become chronic.  Once these diseases become irreversible no prevention method will work and only treatment can be used to treat it. Both kidney and heart perform the crucial functions in the body of the person.  Apart from their sole functions they also work with each other to keep your body healthy. Thus when any one of the organs is affected the other organ also faces some adverse impacts.  In the studies undertaken, it has been found that a considerable decline in kidney functions can increase the chances of death by heart attack over 50%. If you are discovering any of the symptoms you must take steps to get treatment for kidney problems and heart problems both. Before moving forward let us take a look at the function of both of these organs separately.

What is the function of our heart?

The main function of the heart is to pump blood filled with oxygen to all parts of the body. It is very crucial function as everybody organ, cell and system cannot stay alive without blood and oxygen. Thus your heart works even when you are sleeping. Heart along with the blood vessels forms the cardiovascular system that acts as the delivery system in the body. To keep your heart intact it is important for you check the heart disease treatment and prevention details.

What is the function of our kidneys?

Kidneys are the bean-shaped organs located below the rib cage and at the left and right sides of the spine. Your kidneys are just like the chemical factories performing certain important functions. Some of the functions performed by kidneys include cleaning the blood, controlling the blood pressure, keeping bones healthy, making red blood cells and most importantly they help in keeping the balance of minerals in the human body.    

How our kidneys and heart work together?

The process of transforming the blood to every part of the body starts at the heart. Our heart works day and night without a break to pump oxygen-filled blood throughout our body. Do you know your heart beats 75 times in the minute and 39 million times in a year?

The blood transported by the heart first reaches to kidneys for purification. The bean-shaped organs filter around 195 liters of blood in a day and process about 2 liters of urine. Further, kidneys filter the blood received by the heart and remove all the waste and excess material from it. It is very important for kidneys to receive the blood at a constant speed with the normal pressure as too high or too low pressure can damage the kidneys.

Thus in this manner, the kidneys and the heart works in integration with each other.

How are kidney diseases and heart diseases connected?

When a person is suffering from heart disease it can directly impact their kidneys. Also if a person is suffering from kidney disease it can have the severe impact on their heart.  There are certain risk factors which can harm both your kidneys and heart. Some of these risk factors include the following-

Diabetes- It is a disease characterized by the production of too much glucose called sugar in the blood of the person.  Having too much glucose in the body can create an adverse impact on the major organs of the body including the kidneys and heart. They can cause the kidney disease called the disease of diabetes or the chronic diabetes disease. Moreover, they are also a major cause of heart disease and strokes.

High blood pressure- Blood pressure is the force with which the blood pushes against the walls of the blood vessel. High blood pressure can put a strain on the heart as it needs to work harder for pumping blood. Also, it can damage the blood vessels in kidneys due to which the kidneys will not filter the blood in the usual manner.

What are the ways to prevent heart and kidneys diseases?

There are certain tips that you can follow to keep your kidney and heart health.   It is important for you to look out for kidney and heart diseases treatment and prevention tips to ensure a fit life. Below we have listed out certain prevention tips that you must follow-

  • Regular physical activity
  • Lose weight, if you need to
  • Eat less fat
  • Keep your blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood fats under control
  • Stop smoking
  • Reduce stress

To sum up we can say that the best way to keep the heart and kidney in perfect state is to remember the connection between them. 


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