How Successful Kidney Transplant has been in India

How Successful Kidney Transplant has been in India

How Successful Kidney Transplant has been in India
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  • June 19th, 2018
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Kidney transplant is an intricate process that involves a lot of pre considerations. However, despite all of the complications associated with the process, the success rate of kidney transplant in India has been extremely high constantly.


The success rate of Kidney transplant in India is quite high. This elevation stems from the fact that the care of the doctors and technology of medical equipments are advanced.

Kidney transplant is a process that is undertaken when the body suffers a total renal failure. During this process, the diseased kidney is replaced by a healthy one. However, in most cases complete transplantation is not required, mostly because one can survive with a single kidney. There are two types of transplants in this case:

  1. Living Donor kidney transplant: Here, in this form of transplant, the donor is alive and well. This donor is not easy to come by as the donor has to be perfect match and in the current scenario, this form of transplant can also be considered a taboo due to the human organ trafficking in the world.
  2. Deceased Donor kidney transplant: Also called the DDKL, this form of transplant happens when the donor is deceased. This form of transplant is the most prevalent in the western countries and transplant of both the kidneys is possible in this scenario.

Kidney might perform one function, but it arguably the most important function of the body. It makes sure that all the waste material of whatever we consume is dealt with and passed on as urine. Now, kidney failure can happen due to multiple reasons:

  1. End stage renal diseases
  2. High blood pressure
  3. Multiple kidney related diseases
  4. Others.

When failure happens, transplant remains the only option and to that end, one thing to consider is the risk associated with the entire process:

  1. Bleeding
  2. Infection
  3. Sepsis
  4. Blood vessel blockage
  5. New kidney might not function initially.

However, much of these risks are taken into account and steps are taken when the kidney transplant is done in India.

Kidney transplant survival rate in India

When it comes to the initial point of operation the success rate of operation has been consistent with about 100% for the past many years. However, the survival rate is what matters when it comes to the matters of kidney transplant. The survival rate in patients is as following

  1. One year after the transplant, there is a 96% survival rate
  2. 5 years after the transplant, there is a survival rate of 79%.

The latter might not sound much but believe that it is most often the best case scenario and 79% is pretty optimal. Furthermore, with accentuation upon the matter of medical advances, the survival rate is on the trajectory of increase.



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