Heart Disease: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Heart Disease: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Heart Disease: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment
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  • June 1st, 2018
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If your heart is broken in a more physical sense, you would need heart disease treatment in India. This particular organ, which is responsible for circulation, can be marred by factors like obesity, or any other disease. That is why, it is necessary for you to get it checked out whenever you can.


Your heart is not merely a fist shaped pump that makes sure that blood flows throughout the body. The heart is also a lifeline; it is a blatant representation that shows what is going on inside your body. However, being such an important organ, this heart is also a centre structure for many diseases. These diseases tend to make the heart erratic, body temperature to be erratic, arteries to be clogged and the end result almost always tend to be a heart attack. Therefore, it is necessary to you make sure to take all the steps necessary that adhere    s to keep the heart strong at all times.

Causes of heart diseases in Young adults

Gone are the days that it was believed that only the old can get affected by heart disease. Nowadays, where going in the fast lane is the norm, the young adults of this generation are seeking thrills at each and every facet of life. To that end, be it sex, business, sports, travelling, they need thrill at each and every movement. To that end, Following are the thrill based reasons that heart disease has also marred the young:

  • Consumption of drugs: Illegal drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine (crystal meth), heroine and many others have flooded the similarly illegal corners of the world. Many young ones, either through peer pressure or their own free-will partake in it. These potent drugs tend to put a serious harm on the heart. Tobacco is in the same vein of cause that can cause heart condition.
  • Diet issues: Unless it is given to them in a strict manner, many youths out there partake in too much junk food. These fatty foods tend to clog their common sense and their arteries and heart diseases tend to be common.
  • Steroids: Looking good has become a new motto to make sure that the youth can attract the members of the opposite (or the same sex). To that end, they tend to move towards steroids to aid with muscle growth. These steroids tend to put a lot of pressure on heart and the end result to this is almost always some sort of disease.

Do you know that most of the reasosn of disease is stress? That's why, here we are telling the tips to deal with stress for living a healthy life. Everybody know "health is wealth".

There are also some genetic factors responsible:

  1.  Some genetic heart defects tend to appear when the child has grown up a bit.
  2. If there is history of heart failure in the past, it can extrapolate to the present generation.
  3. There are some children who are born with a late appearing heart defect.

The work culture is equally responsible

  1. It is a fairly recent finding. However, sitting in front of the computer screen all day is also a major reason for heart disease.  The rays that young tend to be exposed to are responsible.
  2. Cell phones vibrations can also onset sudden arrhythmia.

Heart disease signs and symptoms

The symptoms of heart disease involve the following:

  1. Difficulty in breathing.
  2. Heartburn
  3. The heart rate elevates and drops unexpectedly.
  4. Feeling of constant nausea.
  5. Extreme levels of sweating even under air conditioned environment.
  6. High blood pressure.

Treatment of heart disease

The treatment of heart disease includes the following:

  1. Adaptation to a new sort of lifestyle: if you want the heart to be healthy, make sure to follow a strict regimen of exercise, healthy diet and lack of smoking.
  2. Medication to make sure the cholesterol is reduced.
  3. Cardiac rehabilitation treatment that includes exercise and dietary counselling.
  4. In the cases that entail severe symptoms. Surgery is also required.

The heart disease treatment in India involves all of the above treatments and more. As the heart condition tends to be varied, it entails different types of surgical procedures that can grow from bypass to full blown heart transplant.

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