What should you choose- Bypass surgery or Angioplasty?

What should you choose- Bypass surgery or Angioplasty?

What should you choose- Bypass surgery or Angioplasty?
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  • April 6th, 2018
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Before understanding the treatment let us first understand what is exactly the coronary artery disease? The coronary artery allows the proper flow of blood to the heart.  Sometimes the inner walls of the coronary artery are damaged due to which the arteries get blocked and are not able to allow smooth flow of blood. The various reasons that contribute to the damage of coronary artery include smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, sedentary/inactive lifestyle, diabetes or insulin resistance.

When the arteries of the person get damaged the cholesterol and other cellular waste products start building up at the site of an injured wall. Due to this deposition, the path of blood flow becomes narrow that results in the reduction of blood flow or sometime stoppage of blood flow.  This whole damage is known as the coronary artery damage.

There are broadly two methods that can be used to treat coronary artery disease.  One is angioplasty and other is bypass surgery. The choice of the method of treatment depends upon the number of factors like the current medical condition of the patient, other diseases he is suffering from and the patient’s preference.


Do you know nearly 250,000 angioplasty treatment is used treat coronary artery diseases every year? Angioplasty is minimal invasion treatment used to widen the blocked artery. In the procedure of angioplasty, a long, thin tube is inserted into the narrowed part of the artery. Further, this tube is attached with a deflated balloon through the wire. Air is pumped into the balloon at the narrowed part of the artery to expand the artery. In most of the cases, a scaffold-like like mesh device called a stent is permanently placed in the artery to make the artery stay widened.

Heart Bypass surgery

Just like angioplasty this treatment is also commonly used to treat the blockage in coronary arteries. It is the surgical procedure to replace blocked arteries that supply blood to patient heart muscle. In the procedure of Heart bypass surgery, a surgeon uses blood vessels taken from another area of the patient body to repair the damaged arteries. This surgery process is performed under the general anesthesia.

Difference between Angioplasty and Heart Bypass surgery

The decision of which treatment method to choose largely depends on the factors like patient’s condition, his preferences, and the surgeon’s recommendation.  It is not easy to decide the kind of treatment required. However below we have specified some of the factors on which this decision is based-

  • In case of 1-2 short blockages in 1-2 arteries, the patient is suggested to take Angioplasty. On the contrary, if there are multiple long blockages in all 3 or left main arteries, the bypass is better.
  • If the condition of the lungs of the patient is not good then bypass is not recommended and the patient should undergo angioplasty.
  • If the patient does not prefer to leave his work for 3-4 months then he can opt for angioplasty treatment.
  • Cost of both the treatment can also be considered before choosing the right kind of treatment.

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