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Medical Visa for Treatment in India: A Complete Procedure

May 5th, 2018
Medical Visa for Treatment in India: A Complete Procedure

In recent years, due to the talented doctors, advanced technologies and the affordable prices, India has become a major option when it comes to medical tourism. However, much like any other nation out there, international patients need visa to visit this place and enjoy the facilities. As the tour is meant for medical purposes, the visa for this purpose will be medical as well.

However, it is not easy to come by! But, you shouldn’t worry about that as through this blog, we will unveil to you the way to access medical visa for treatment in India:

However, there are some prerequisites:

First, you got to understand the main purpose served by the medical visa. A medical visa is provided to those in assistance of treatment from the recognized and reputable hospitals in India. After the document is issued, the attendants are allowed to travel with the patient is the maximum of two.

Now, the following are the documents that you will require to travel to India:

1. You require a passport: Your first task is to accumulate a copy of your passport which should be applicable to stay in India for at least 6 months with at least two pages left so that they can be stamped by the officials.

2. An Indian visa application form: After you have gotten the Xerox copy of the passport, you need to fill the application form and sign it. However, make sure that your signature matches in the application and your passport. You will have to sign in two places to get the entire process through. As for the form, you can download it form the Indian Government website.

3. You need a photograph: Now, you will need a 2 x 2 photograph of the passport type. Now, this photograph should be coloured, should have a plain white background and shouldn’t be taken while you are wearing spectacles.

4. You will need to fill other forms as per your nation.

5. Provide proof for the residency: You will need to provide the proof of your residence. These can anything from a state issued driver’s license or any of the utility bills.

6. If you are under the age of 18: In case you are a minor, you will need to provide joint accounts statements from your parents along with the following documents:

  1. Minor’s birth certificate
  2. Copy of both the parent’s passport.

7. Proof that medical advice: You will need a referral certificate that will testify to whether you are given special advice from the doctors to seek treatment from India or not.

8. Proof that you have access to sufficient funds: Overseas treatment tends to cost a lot of money. To that end, you also will have to shot that you have sufficient funds for the treatment. You show this by producing your most recent bank statements.

Once you have shared these details, you will be fit to apply for the visa and subject to whether you have filled the forms correctly, you will be granted a visit into the country.



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