Get to know the factors affecting Men’s Sex Life

Get to know the factors affecting Men’s Sex Life

Get to know the factors affecting Men’s Sex Life
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  • December 5th, 2017
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In today’s fast-paced world, people are poised to put in everything just to meet the varying needs of their lives. From exhibiting high performance in office to meeting family needs, men work day and night just to maintain a perfect balance between the office and home. In this kind of lifestyle, they come across tremendous mental and physical stress that affects them in multiple ways. One of them is sexual concerns that they most often ignore.

And there is no doubt that sexual problems tend to make a major impact on people’s lives in terms of bad health. Sexual issues are associated with mental and physical wellbeing and with relationship satisfaction, yet they are hardly discussed with medical experts who are often ill-equipped to assess and manage them.

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A decreased sex drive could be really irritating and could lead to several other problems in relationships.

Let’s take a look at primary lifestyle factors that make a disastrous impact on men’s sex lives.

Weak Relationship: - Marital or relationship issues such as lack of trust and effective communication can become big obstacles to experiencing pleasant and satisfying sex. Women, specifically, are closely tuned to their emotional sides when it comes to maintaining sexual intimacy. Therefore, it is necessary to resolve all issues such as infidelity, unsolved conflicts or fight and poor connection to gear up your Vigour sex life in the right way forward. For this, you can even get professional counseling to sort out any personal indifference between you and your partner.

Alcohol Consumption: - According to a study, it has been found that excellent alcohol consumption could lead to weakened sex functions. In severe cases, it can even
resultinto impotence and infidelity. It is true that a few sips of your favorite drink helps you open up and puts you in the mood to indulge but it can also freeze your sex drive at the same time.  Long-term usage of alcohol affects the nervous system and interferes with impulses between the pituitary glands in the brain and the genitals. In fact, recent clinical researchers have indicated that alcohol abuse can cause permanent damage to the nerves in the penis thereby resulting into impotence.

Parenting: - It is quite understood that parents find it difficult to indulge in sex at any point in time due to emotional and physical stress caused due to parenting. It is just the fact that while taking care of your baby, you often don’t find the zeal, time or energy to get intimate with your partner. Try hiring a part-time caretaker or plan for some “quickies” during your baby’s nap time.

Insomnia: - For a healthy sex drive, taking proper sleep is extremely vital. But due to improper work-life balance, men don’t find enough time to take a good night sleep. This, if extended for long, could lead to weakened sexual drive. There is a direct connection between sleeplessness and reduced sexual urge.  Researchers believe that fewer sleeping hours can trigger the production of the stress hormone cortisol which plays a major role in reducing the testosterone levels.

Depression: - In recent time, depression has emerged out a biggest killer or sex service among men. And even if men choose to take anti-depression pills, there won’t be the much positive impact on their sexual desires. If you notice signs of depression, it is advised to get it treated as soon as possible to avoid further complications.

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