This Winter, You Need To Be Extra Careful For Your Skin

This Winter, You Need To Be Extra Careful For Your Skin

This Winter, You Need To Be Extra Careful For Your Skin
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  • November 30th, 2018
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This winter, you need to be extra careful for your skin.  This winter, in particular is a dastardly one. Mostly because it is not only winter, it is a veritable perti-dish of pollution that combined with the cold weather, assaults the moisture of your skin. Therefore, you need to heed to these tips for your skin to survive.


Winter has arrived!

Well, to be exact, it only nearly has arrived. But still, when winter comes there are the entities that go as well:

  1. You need for air conditioner
  2. Your summer beach clothes.
  3. And your skin’s moisture.

While the first two parts are not totally intolerable, it is the third point that works all its wonders to your skin leaving it dry to the point of roughness. Let this dryness go along for much longer and the next symptoms are even more abhorrent. These symptoms escalate in skin cracks, and then, they can turn an unfortunate turn into a painful territory of bleeding as well. This winter, due to all the pollution and its cohorts like obscene amounts of chemicals, your skin is now even more susceptible to taking an unfortunate turn to a painful territory. Therefore, this winter, you need to be extra careful for your skin.

Making your skin survive this winter

Now that we have already explained how important saving your skin is in this weather, it is time that you know how to do all that. Follow these tips that many dermatologist recommend and you can survive winters in even the polluted places in the world.

  • Lukewarm water:  While bathing in lukewarm water is probably the most relaxing thing to do in winters, other than just sliding under the hot bed covers, but I digress, lukewarm water are an aid to your face. They make sure that your face does not lose oil. Just wash your face with lukewarm water in the morning and you are good to go.
  • Moisturizing after your skin is wet:  This might sound like redundant thing to do; however, it is whole another story. Once your skin is damp, applying water to it again is a good way to seal this dampness properly.
  • Choosing the best moisturizer is important: There are some petroleum based moisturizers. While they are effective within an instant, there effect only last for an instant as well. Furthermore, their after-effects cause the skin to dry out even further.  Therefore, you should always be careful what cream you are using over your skin. To make my point a bit more clear, always use natural moisturizers, always.
  • There is no shame in wearing gloves: Your hands are almost always susceptible to the winter dryness. Therefore, covering them up is always a good idea.
  • Drink more water: You are not as thirsty in winters, this fact is pretty obvious. But this “fact” does not mean that you should not hydrate yourself properly. Moisture comes from inside the body. Going by this logic, drinking water might just be the best thing that you can do for your skin.
  • Remove the epithelial cells: The truth of winter is, not all skin cells survive. Some of these poor cells shall die. Now, the cracked skin is mostly because these dead cells are just left stuck with the skin. Removing these epithelial cells is a good idea to get rid of this cracked texture. How to do that? Well, use sponge to exfoliate the dead cells of your skin.
  • Install a humidifier: Humidifier is an instrument that, you guessed it-humidifies the air. This easy to use, cheaper to buy and the best solution can make your skin moist enough so that the dryness can stay away.

When winter comes, the above 7 steps are your way to ensure that your skin remains smooth. Combine this oh-so prevalent pollution in Delhi, and the above steps are necessary to ensure your skin’s survival.


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