How to Survive in Delhi Pollution

How to Survive in Delhi Pollution

 How to Survive in Delhi Pollution
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  • November 19th, 2018
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Delhi is a state of wondrous things to see and things to do, but it also the place where you can breathe in way too much pollution. Therefore, in order to live here, you would have to learn to survive. Here are the 9 ways to survive air pollution in Delhi. These tips will ensure that you can live through this ordeal.


Delhi: home to the parliament, capital of India, and purveyor of multiple types of trades, and now a veritable land of poisonous air. The devolution of the union territory from being one of the greenest places in the country to the most polluted places on the planet is not that surprising. The vehicles are many, the people are arrogant and the policies are all over the place. Now, this might seem like that I am blaming the people most of all, of these issues. However, would I even be wrong to assume that? It is this arrogance that is leading Delhi-ites to breathe air that has the pollution akin to 50 smokes. Health problems due to this are getting a lot more prevalent, and if the pollution scale says anything, Delhi might just turn into another Chernobyl, minus the nuclear disaster. Therefore, to live here, you need to combat pollution. Here are the 9 ways to survive Delhi Pollution.

9 ways to survive air pollution in Delhi

The title might sound a bit dramatic, but the recent development has made it necessary for us to treat the title as such. Without digression, let us take a look at this:

  1. It is a bad time to travel around in Delhi: Unless it is absolutely necessary, and by necessary I mean in a way that your livelihood depends upon travelling, you should travel around Delhi. If you still want to, look for places to go where you will be inside facilities that are closed.
  2. Stay indoors when you can: If there is one penultimate matter that you need to consider, it is to stay indoors at all times. Furthermore, while you are inside, close the doors and windows. Don’t let the pollution inside, at any cost.
  3. Buy an air filter: Well, if it were summer, I would have said that your air conditioner is fine. However, as it is winter, you need to invest in air filter. These nifty gadgets are to be thankful for, as they can provide you clean air when you are inside.
  4. Engage in Pranayam daily in the morning: Pranayam, one of the most ancient exercise techniques on the planet, can help you sustain yourself. This might sound like I am overselling it. However, early morning is a time when there are not many vehicles around, courtesy of the cold. Therefore, long breathing exercise will recharge you with enough oxygen to get by.
  5. Wear respiratory masks: While you are outside, you need to wear respiratory masks. Now, I would want to say that it is optional, but it is not, not really. There are many variants of masks available these days at several outlets. Just buy one and wear it while you are outside. If you do not like the aesthetics of the mask, then you can go online and buy a designer one.
  6. Indoor plants are a definite yes: If you want to purify that air in a natural way, you can invest in indoor plants. Plants are definitely the best air purifier, and they won’t make that buzzing noise that most air purifiers do. That being said, you need to invest in a bulk of these fauna, as a mere one or two plants won’t do.
  7. Seek medical advice: Even the healthiest on individuals among you can develop dry cough. Intense, long lasting annoyances before the dust phlegm. While phlegm cough are episodic and can be persistent, they are not permanent. To that end, if you don’t feel any relief from the disease, then seeking medical advice is not such a bad idea.
  8. Eat jaggery: Jaggery or gud, as you might as well know, is a tasty, unrefined cane sugar. This particular food is also good adsorbent. To that end, it is known to actually filter much of the Delhi air that you are breathing even as you are reading this article.
  9. Relocate from Delhi: Now, this is the most drastic measure that you can take. There are respiratory conditions like asthma, pneumonia, lung cancer. If you or your loved one has any of these diseases, then it is time to say good bye to Delhi. This point might feel overly dramatic. However, when it comes down to it, you need to survive in order to live. I say this because believe it or not, leukaemia can also be respiratory disorder. While it caused by inhaling vaporized Benzene, can you even tell the different components of the polluted air that you are inhaling?

These are the 8 ways to survive air pollution in Delhi, and 1 way to run away from it. If you truly want to live in Delhi, and live breathing a pollution free air, you would have to put in a lot of effort to change your ways.


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