Understand the Perils of Skipping Meals

Understand the Perils of Skipping Meals

Understand the Perils of Skipping Meals
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  • January 3rd, 2018
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Since childhood, we have been taught to follow a set meal pattern and don’t avoid any meal especially the morning breakfast. This is not just a notion but there has been a lot of this saying. In today’s times when people have lesser time for a meal, they tend to skip meals and end up facing serious consequences without even realizing it.

People take a piece of toast before they come out of the house and pat themselves on the back for making healthy choices. But after lunch, they get extremely busy to get away from their desk (due to excessive workload), and before they can say “ping me”, another meal gets missed.

If you’re among them who have a habit of skipping meals, it’s time to think again. Regularly missing meals isn’t innocuous. It can make a serious impact on your health, sometimes in unforeseen ways. Let’s find out some negative side effects of overlooking breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

  • Overeating could be an end result: - It’s quite sensible to ponder that eating more after a missed meal will repair the damage, but the hungrier you are, the more your brain will ask you gulp. You’re more likely to eat more and consume more calories than actually required, and in addition, you’re also more likely to hover over junk food. So not only do you end up eating more overall, you’re eating more of what’s worst for you.
  • Overweight: - Skipping meals doesn’t only result in eating more unhealthy food. As this could make your body fear starvation, it persuades you under a thinking that you should eat more to compensate for the loss. In that case, your metabolism goes erratic, increasing your body’s fat storage and your risk of type 2 diabetes. Other studies have associated leading to eating regularly to heart disease.
  • Lack of focus: - It has been found that lack of necessary sugar levels tends to affect your mood adversely. It reflects in your ability to focus on a certain thing. When you don’t eat, your brain becomes incapable of receiving the nutrition it actually needs to function at best levels. Diminished attention span is the outcome, so don’t skip meals at work just for the sake of productivity. You’ll get more done if your body and brain are adequately powered.
  • Your face says a lot: - In today’s digital world, people have a tendency to shower more love on them. In case of skipping meals, a negative effect on the face, skin, hair, and nails has been witnesses. Hair tends to become greasy, lifeless, and thinner and the skin may get dull, blotchy, dry, or blemished. Muscles get weaker and smaller. Nails tend to break easily. Missing meals is not a good option, both inside or out.
  • Increased irritation: - To cope up with various regular tasks, one needs to keep calm and controlled. Skipping a meal directs one’s mood into free fall by altering the blood sugar levels. It can also inject a stress response in your body, which in turn activates hormones linked with upsurges, mental instability, and mild depression.
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