Keep On Eating Tasty Foods Even If You Are Diabetic

Keep On Eating Tasty Foods Even If You Are Diabetic

Keep On Eating Tasty Foods Even If You Are Diabetic
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  • November 23rd, 2018
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How to keep on eating tasty foods even if you are diabetic? Well, there are ways that can make your traditional fatty recipe more diabetic friendly. These recipes would ensure that you are eating right at all times. However, eating right and tasty does not mean you eat a lot more of it. Therefore, even if you agree with these recipes, you should promise that you are going to take a better care for yourself.


Even if you are a diabetic, your taste buds don’t necessarily know that. As a result, you are going to crave a lot of foods that are really bad for you. Consequently, your cravings can be so unstoppable and you begin to indulge again. As a result, you can be back to square one of your diabetic condition. In worse case scenarios, a diabetic attack is also bound to kill you. Therefore, controlling these cravings is an important part of preventing...death by diabetes. However, what if you could still eat healthy and tasty at the same time? What if there are some tasty food options for you if you are a diabetic? How to keep on eating tasty foods even if you are diabetic?  These are the questions that we are going to demystify through the course of our article.

Tasty Food recipes for the diabetics

It is no sin if you have a sweet tooth. However, you need to make sure that your body does not consume too much sugar if you are diabetic. The entire matter of diet in diabetes is about balance. Therefore, you need to take a diet where the sugar levels in your body are in control:

  • Low fat butter chicken: For you omnivores out there, butter chicken is a delight that one can hardly pass up. However, butter entails calories that can put your health down. Therefore, there is a recipe for butter chicken that does not entail any butter.  This low calorie butter chicken has the taste that is as titillating as if you had real butter.
  • Rice pudding: Rice pudding is an amazing delight when you have made it all sugary. However, using sugar alternatives to make this dish is also a good option. This thing is made out of nutmeg, lemongrass and cinnamon. As for the sugar substitute, you can use several options like fruit juices to make this.
  • Celery soup: the low cal variant of celery soup is an amazing option if you are looking to get a small snack. Furthermore, if you want to make it even healthier, you can add some more greens to it as well.
  • Sugar free Phirni: Phirni refers to a sweet pudding with rice, mild, almonds and cardamom as constituents. Instead of using sugar to flavour it, you can use rose essence and its sweetness would be enough to help you out.
  • French onion soup: The French onion soup is extremely tasty. However, its conventional form is also the most fatty that you can imagine. However, there is a way to make it low fat. Furthermore, the low fat variant of this food is every bit as tasty as the original one.
  • Low fat Dahi Chicken: Dahi Chicken is something of hit among the Indian omnivores. That marinated goodness can turn even the purest of vegetarians. The low fat variant of this version is pretty amazing as well.

These recipes would ensue that you are eating healthy and tasty within the range of flavours and ingredients that your body can infact handle.


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