Are your Stressed? Learn How to Come over it Naturally

Are your Stressed? Learn How to Come over it Naturally

Are your Stressed? Learn How to Come over it Naturally
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  • January 11th, 2018
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On one side, our life seems so easy. In most of the cases, everything is available over mobile or net and conversation with colleagues and friends is like saying alphabets. However, despite the sufficient availability of time and resources, people find it difficult to maintain peace in their minds. The real culprit is the stress that is taking toll on our health.

If not managed on time, stress can be breeding ground of many other health disorders that could make life debilitating. If you don’t to get under its effect, below are some of the effectual stress management techniques that are of great help to almost everyone. So, let’s start.

  • Listening soothing music: - If you're facing mental pressure due to a stressful situation, the best way to deal with the same is to take a break and listen to a soothing music. Listening to music is found to have a constructive effect on the brain and body, can reduce blood pressure, and lessen cortisol, a hormone associated with stress.
  • Choose meal carefully: - Stress levels and a healthy diet are closely associated. When people get incredulous, they tend to forget to eat properly and lead to consuming sugary, fatty snack foods as a temporary solution. Try to avoid sugary snacks and choose your meal carefully. Fruits and vegetables are always wonderful, and fish with high levels of omega-3 fatty acids have been proved to mitigate the symptoms of stress.
  • Take green tea: - A heavy dose of caffeine results into a short-term increase in blood pressure. It may also cause one’s hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis to go into overwork. Instead of coffee or energy drinks, take green tea. It is known to have less than half the caffeine of coffee and healthy antioxidants, along with thiamine, an amino acid that has a soothing effect on the nervous system.
  • Exercise: - Make it a habit even if you manage to do it for a minute. Don’t go for strenuous exercise such as visiting gym. You can even go a walk around office or your society to keep yourself physically active. Getting your blood moving discharges endorphins and can enhance your mood almost immediately.
  • Take good sleep: - It is quite evident that stress can lead to sleep deprivation. Tactlessly, lack of sleep is also a major cause of stress. This spiteful cycle causes the brain and body to get out of order and only gets worse with time. Don’t forget to take the doctor-prescribed seven to eight hours of sleep. Turn the TV off earlier, dim the lights, and spare some time for yourself to relax before going to bed. It may be the most effective stress killer on our list.
  • Call a friend: - If you’re feeling stressed, don’t hesitate in calling a friend with whom you can talk about your life. Healthy relationships with friends and loved ones are crucial to any healthy lifestyle, and they’re particularly central when you're reeling under tremendous stress. A reassuring voice, even for a minute, can place everything in perspective.
  • Talk to yourself: - If you find that calling a friend is not feasible, you can start talking to yourself. Don’t think this sounds crazy. Just try to calm yourself and assure that the work will be done and you’re capable of doing this. This is a wonderful way to reduce stress in an isolated situation. 

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