Secrets to Lose Weight Gradually but Permanently

Secrets to Lose Weight Gradually but Permanently

Secrets to Lose Weight Gradually but Permanently
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  • June 15th, 2018
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With the help of excessive exercises, steroids and limiting the food intake immensely you may lose weight speedily. However, this weight loss will last temporality and you get to back to your original shape after some time. With this blog, we will take a look at certain tips that you can follow to lose excessive weight steadily but permanently.


In the journey of losing weight first of all one thing that you must ask yourself is whether you want to lose weight for yourself or for the people around you. Many people indulge in vigorous exercises and go on dreadful diets just because people around them think that they are overweight. But you must understand that any effort made by you will only prove to be fruitful if you have strong determination and self-realization of the importance of staying fit. Physical activity and right diet when rightly combined together can do wonders for you. Here I present certain effective dietary tips and the exercises that you can undertake to lose weight meritoriously and permanently.

Make sure to eat Healthy Breakfast- Many people have this misconception that skipping meals can help them in losing weight. According to the researchers, it is found that people who skip breakfast tend to consume more calories by the end of the day. It is imperative to eat a filling breakfast for every person. By filling breakfast I don’t mean that you should fill your stomach with donuts, pizza, cheese sandwiches etc. For breakfast, you should include the food items like oatmeal, whole grain cereals, eggs, and salad etc.

Refrain from keeping a calorie count- The fat-free and sugar-free food items are for sure calorie free but they are also nutrient-free. Try to consume more and more nutritious food items like vegetables, whole grains and healthy fat for keeping your energized. Combine these food items with little more physical activity for coming to your natural healthy weight.

Prepare a healthy plate for yourself- Almost half of your plate should be filled with low or less starch food items like green leafy vegetables, sprouts, mushrooms, and fruits. Also, include some whole grain items like brown rice, barley, corns or beans. Lastly include some protein like eggs, roasted or cooked fish or turkey without skin.

Cut down on lunch and dinner- Try to shrink your dinner and lunch plates. It is highly advisable for you to eat less atlunchtime and least for dinner.

Treat yourself with what you love to eat- You may end up being frustrated and deprived if you completely stop eating the food you love.  It’s completely fine to occasionally go out and eat what you truly love.

Keep unhealthy food out of your sight- We tend to get lured by the unhealthy food when we see it. So try as much as you can to keep all the unhealthy out of your home or at least out of your sight.

Think out of the gym for exercising- Turning to the gym is the most common practice thatpeople follow to lose weight in a speedy manner.  However, you can burn the excess fats over time by just indulging in certain lifestyle changes and easy exercises at home. Following are small changes lifestyle and exercises that you can undertake to stay fit permanently.

  • Go for cycling every day and skip using the cars.
  • Ditch elevators and accelerators. Instead, you can opt for stairs in your daily life.
  • Take up dance, aerobics or Zumba lessons for getting rid of excess weight while having fun.
  • Engage in physical sports like cricket, football, basketball, skipping etc rather than video games to lose weight more effectively.
  • Indulge in cardio activities for at least 30 minutes in a day like running, swimming, jogging or walking etc.
  • For keeping your whole body in shape you can go for push-ups and squats. Initially, you can start with 5 push and squats on each day and as your stamina increases with time you can increase the number of push-ups and squats as well.
  • Bring the muscles of your legs in shape with the lunges and work on your triceps with reverse dips.
  • Practice meditation and certain yoga asanas like planks, bending forward, and boat pose, chair position to lose weight and stay calm.

Apart from the tips mentioned above you can also monitor your weight regularly and keep a check on the quality and quantity of food you consume to stay healthy. If you follow these dietary tips and indulge in exercises religiously you will surely lose weight for a longer period of time. 


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