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Ideal Diet to Prevent and Cure Kidney Stone

April 6th, 2018
Ideal Diet to Prevent and Cure Kidney Stone

Kidney stones are formed in the body of the person when the urine of the person contains more crystal-forming substances like calcium, oxalate and uric acid — than the fluid in his urine can dilute. These crystals like substances present in urine stick together to form a kidney stone. There are multiple types of kidney stones including the calcium stones, uric acid stones, cysteine stones etc.

The urinary tract of the human body is designed to pass the liquid material only and not any solid thing. Thus it quite impossible to pass a kidney stone naturally and in case it passes it is very painful. Below we have explained the kidney stone prevention diet that every person must follow to avoid development of kidney stone in the body of the person.

Things you should eat to prevent kidney stones

There are several types of kidney stones that depend upon the material from which they are formed. Accordingly, the things that should be included in the diet will vary.  For the person suffering from kidney stones, it is recommended to determine the type of kidney stone initially to take the proper diet depending on that. Below we have provided a list of items that should be included in your diet to prevent the formation of kidney stones.


It is very important for every person to stay hydrated in order to avoid kidney stones. Water helps to dilute the chemicals that form stones. The water plays an essential role in preventing the formation of both uric acid and cystine stones.

Intake fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are the key ingredients of the healthy diet for a person. Including citrus fruit like lemons, oranges and grapefruit and their juice in your diet can help in reducing the risk of developing kidney stones significantly.

Calcium and oxalate-rich foods

Eating calcium and oxalate-rich food not only helps you in preventing kidney stones but also helps to treat several other conditions. The person should focus on improving the calcium of their body by including natural food items in their diet rather than taking supplements. Some of the items that are rich in Calcium and oxalate are as follows-

•    Milk and milk-based products like yogurt, cottage cheese

•    calcium-fortified foods, such as cereal, bread, and juices

•    beets on a spinach salad with low-fat cheese

•    yogurt with berries

These are certain kidney stone foods to eat which every person must include in their daily diet to prevent stones.

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Things you should avoid to prevent kidney stones

Reduce sodium

In order to reduce the risk of developing kidney stones, you should try to avoid sodium in your diet. This is because a large quantity of sodium increases the amount of calcium in your urine increases the risk of kidney stone. One of the biggest ingredients containing sodium is salt. So you should try to reduce the quantity of salt content in your diet.  Moreover, this will be good for your blood pressure and heart.

Reduce intake of animal protein

The excessive intake of sources of protein, such as red meat, pork, chicken, poultry, fish, and eggs, increase the amount of uric acid you produce.  Moreover, it also reduces a chemical in urine called citrate. The job of chemical citrates is to prevent the formation of kidney stones in the body. Thus a person should mandatorily limit the intake of animal protein.

Avoid stone-forming foods:

Some of the kidney stones foods to avoid include Beets, chocolate, spinach, rhubarb, tea, and nuts. These food items are considered as stone forming materials thus there use should be reduced to the smaller amount.


Kidney stones are the chronic and painful condition. Taking an appropriate diet can help in preventing the kidney stones. Some of the dietary tips should follow include staying hydrated and avoiding certain foods that are high in salt and sugar, and pairing calcium with oxalate-rich foods are important elements of a kidney stone diet.

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