Making It to a Century Even If You Have AIDS

Making It to a Century Even If You Have AIDS

Making It to a Century Even If You Have AIDS
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  • December 4th, 2018
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Making it to a century even if you have aids!  You can live long, despite your illness, despite something like AIDS to hold you back. Through these tips, a clean life that leads up to a century waits for you. These points might only be 5, but they pack a punch of a 100 years of healthy life. 

Living up to an age of 100 is something everyone in the world is looking for. However, when you find a presence of a chronic disease, no matter how intense, this enthusiasm towards making it to a century takes a downturn. AIDS, a disease that to this day is the most stigmatized by many around the globe, has made it not “reasonable” to live as long as a century. However, if you are living in the luckiest places (thankfully there are many), where AIDS is not stigmatized anymore, and then you would want to live longer. Therefore, making it to a century even if you have AIDS becomes a good idea in this case. Here are the tips that would allow you to do so:

  • Stay away from stress:  If you have AIDS, then someone saying not to stress out might come off as the most despicable things to hear, along with being the most inconsiderate thing. However, you should know that your immune system is severely affected when you are stressed. Therefore, you should find a counsellor when you can and ensure that you are not stressing yourself in this situation. It might be a bit too much to ask, but trust us, without stress, your chances of making it to a 100 are pretty high!
  • Have a positive attitude: Well, the point of this point is to accentuate upon the point above. Having a positive attitude is pretty much what you can do in order to reduce stress in your body. Modern medicine has enabled for people with AIDS to not die an intermittent death. Pull on some jokes, enjoy your life a bit and focus on all the positives of life.
  • Nurture your stomach: Your stomach is the house for the lymphoid tissues that are filled with T Cells. HIV effect T Cells the most. As a result, gastro intestinal issues can be more prevalent. Therefore, after your doctor’s recommendation, take some antiretroviral medication, some HIV meds and other such medications. Your goal should be to prevent diarrhoeic symptoms.  
  • Maintain your weight: One of the major things to undertake when you are on a suspension ladder that can drop you into an abyss of sickness is to ensure that you are at your top shape at all times. Therefore, eat properly and exercise daily in order to ensure that your weight is always maintained.
  • AIDS don’t mean: no sex, you just have to be extra careful:  Climaxing yourself in an orgasmic amazement once or twice a week is a good idea. It ensures that your immunoglobin levels are boosted properly in order to fight infections.

The above 5 are the gold standard measures to live a life if you want to ensure that you live to see a 100.

In the end, you are in the control of your own life. You can enhance it if you want, even if you have something like aids to bother you. 

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