The Homely Way to Treat Common Cold

The Homely Way to Treat Common Cold

The Homely Way to Treat Common Cold
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  • November 21st, 2018
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The homely way to treat common cold details a list of condiments, techniques and quite a few common household items that you can use in order to cure the cold right at your home. Following through with these treatments is easy as well. All you need to do is to be willing to go through with them.


Winter is coming!

Actually, depending upon where you live, it has come already. With winter, you can count on a lot of good fatty foods, fatty clothing, and a bit of laziness. Another gift of winter is cold, that annoying mucous drizzling, constant throat irritating and nose dripping cold. This disorder takes the entire fun out of winter, and if you are not careful enough, it can even escalate to upper levels. Therefore, you should be able to beat such an issue anywhere, even at home. Therefore, through this blog, you are going to know the homely way to beat cold.

Common Cold symptoms

Common cold is common, so common infact that I feel compelled to not tell you about them. However, such a matter would be disservice to you. Therefore, before we begin to look into the home based treatments, it is high time to look into the symptoms of this disease. These symptoms entail the following:

  1. The symptoms that are related to the head:
    1. Our eyes are constantly watery
    2. You have headaches that are random or if there is too much movement
    3. Sore throat due to congestion
    4. You constantly cough
    5. The lymph nodes can swell as well as a result of constant production of antibiotics.
  2. The symptoms that are related to your nose:
    1. Extreme congestion, that can cause to breathing troubles
    2. There is a sinus pressure
    3. The nose is runny
    4. It is also stuffy
    5. You would have no sense of smell, or taste
    6. Constant sneezes
    7. Nasal drainage at the back of your throat.
  3. The symptoms that are related to your entire body:
    1. Constant weakness
    2. Chills around the body
    3. Body aches
    4. Some common cold fly symptoms as well
    5. Discomfort in the chest
    6. Difficulty when you are trying to breathe deeply.

Cold remedies are symptomatic.This means that through the home remedies, the above symptoms can be dealt with. These can back track and can even cure the core of the cold.

The homely treatments

As we have stated in the previous line, common cold treatment at home focus upon dealing with the symptoms of this issue. To that end, following are the ways to cure the disease at home.

  1. Lemon cinnamon and honey syrup: Make syrup by combining lemon and cinnamon while using honey as the base. For cough and cold, this is one of the most effective cures.
  2. Ginger tea: Throughout your ordeal with cold, you would also need the common cold fever treatment. Ginger tea not only clears your throat, it helps regulating the body temperature as well.
  3. Only drink lukewarm water: Luke warm water keeps you hydrated. Furthermore, it can also break down the congestion that you can then spit out from the body.
  4. Turmeric and milk: turmeric and milk are like the staple of Indian home-made cures. Take a bit of warm milk and mix a bit of turmeric in it. Drink it before going to sleep and you are going to recover faster from your cold.
  5. Use salt water to gargle: An age old therapy, take a few spoon of water, gargle using it and then spit it out. Do this at least twice a day and you are free to live properly.
  6. Flaxseeds: Combine flaxseeds with a few drops of lime juice and honey and take a spoon full of this mixture.
  7. Ginger: salted ginger can help you rapid relief from sore throat. Chewing them is the way to go.

If the above treatments are not helping you (they definitely should), you should get to a general physician to get further treatments.


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