Can Having a Better Personality Help You Live Longer

Can Having a Better Personality Help You Live Longer

Can Having a Better Personality Help You Live Longer
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  • November 23rd, 2018
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Can having a better personality help you live longer? Your personality traits have more impact on your life than you can imagine. If you want to live long, you got to know about the ACE factor. This particular factor is your key to a metaphorical fountain of youth. It won’t make you immortal, but would definitely help you live longer.


If you greet everyone every morning, with a gleeful look on your face, then you can live longer.

This statement made you confused yet?

Your mind rules over the going-ons of your body. When you are stressed, you can get heart attack, or get hair fall, or get psoriasis or, get your heart broken. However, stress is the negative part of your personality. How about the positive parts? Does that help you in anyway? Well fortunately, the answer to the question - “Can having a better personality help you live longer?” is a pretty easy one. I can simply give you the answer yes, but that would completely off road the purpose of writing an article. Therefore, for now, let us say, Maybe”.

How does your personality affect the state of our body?

Your emotional response that is presented to the world is because of the chemical response happening in the background. Whenever you react in a certain way, certain hormones are produced. These hormones can either be good for you, or bad for you. How these chemicals are produced and at what intensity they are produced plays huge role on your health. Furthermore, the stronger your emotions, the stronger the chemical reactions and this leads to stronger impact on your body. This is why stress, sadness, rage and other negative emotions are considered to be sickness by many. On the other end, being happy, gleeful, and open are considered to be healthy qualities. To get the gist, the better you feel, the better your body works.

This is the end of my opinion that is only backed by my own thoughts and therefore, do not have much scientific grounds to stand on.

This is also the beginning of input from actual researchers who have come forward and have made this simple statement-

Regardless of your age, gender, or your nationality, there are five core personality traits that everyone possesses

What are these core traits?

  1. Extroversion
  2. Agreeableness
  3. Neuroticism
  4. Openness
  5. Conscientiousness

Researchers have also said that out of the above, there are three that can have a direct impact on your health and longevity. These three are as follows:

  1. Agreeableness
  2. Conscientiousness
  3. Extroversion

Let us call the above points, ACE.  So, in order to be healthy, even the scientists have suggested that you got to ace the ACE.  How to do that? Well, this blog is only a halfway through. So read on.

Acing the ACE

  1. Agreeableness : This trait describes your feelings towards others. Individuals with high levels of agreeableness are friendly, optimistic, and compassionate, not unlike the writer of this blog. An agreeable person understands the value of being a team player, and has less stress. As a direct consequence of that, your heart would be a lot healthier. Additionally, an agreeable person is a lot more resolved. By that I mean they have a way to cope with situations pretty easily. Agreeableness equates to good feelings towards others, this leads to being more amicable towards others. Consequently, you have all that positive energy directed towards you. As a result, you are less likely to feel stressed and therefore, you are less likely to be unhealthy.
  1. Conscientiousness : This particular trait indicates your organizational skills and our dependability. In order to ace Conscientiousness, you need to be disciplined, and very organized about your work, your lifestyle and your values. This discipline leads to a person’s disposition towards planning the next step that they take. This leads to safer lifestyle choices in terms of diet and exercise. This sense of safety and disciple combined provide long and a healthy life.
  1. Extroversion : Extroversion describes your interactions with other people. Being highly extrovert equates to being highly energetic, and outgoing. On the other hand, being a low level extrovert equates to being a lover of solitariness and a reserved disposition. There have been researches on the matter of extroversion. The results of such researches say that if you have more of an extrovert nature, the more sociable you can be. This has a direct impact on your immune system, a positive impact that is.


To get the crux of the above points, you need to be more conscientious, more extrovert and more agreeable if you want to live longer. To be even clearer, you need to increase your ACE factor to ace this game of long and healthy living. So, moving back to the answer of the titular question- YES! You can live longer if you have a good personality.


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