Signs & Symptoms of Colon Cancer

June 25th, 2018
Signs & Symptoms of Colon Cancer

Colon also is known as large intestine or bowel is a crucial body organ forming the part of the human digestive system. This digestive system performs the function of digesting the food we eat and utilizing it for fueling our bodies. The function of the colon is to absorb the water and moves the leftover material to the rectum. That removes the waste material from the body in the form of stool through the anus.

Now let us understand what colon cancer is? The colon cancer is a tumor that affects the large intestine of a person and is usually formed with polyps in the wall of the large intestine. It is possible to prevent this cancer and keep your colon healthy by practicing a healthy lifestyle with a high-fiber and low-fat diet.  The symptoms of this cancer may not appear in early stage thus the only way to detect it is screening.  However, once this cancer is detected it is usually treated with the combination of techniques like chemotherapy, radiation therapy or in extreme cases it may require surgery.

Signs and Symptoms

In the earliest stages of the colon cancer, the symptoms are not very prevalent due to which they are often ignored until the condition becomes severe. Thus, it is highly advisable for the individuals above the age of 50 years to undergo the screening for colon cancer. Below we have listed out certain major symptoms of colon cancer that shall never be overlooked-

  • Presence of bright red blood in the stool is surely something to be concerned about. It is possible that in some cases the blood in the stool may not be evident or just causes a black or tarry stool.
  • Bleeding in the rectum can also be associated with this cancer.
  • Fluctuations in bowel movement frequency
  • A large colon tumor may result in complete or partial blockage in your colon.
  • The size of belly increases without any weight gain.
  • Consistency and unexplained nausea or vomiting
  • Unreasonable weight loss
  • Constipation
  • After the bowel movement sensations of incomplete evacuation.
  •  Pain in rectum

Risk factors

 The risk of development of colon cancer is same in both men and women.  Some of the common risk factors associated with colon cancer include the following-

  • Hereditary factors
  • Inactivity
  • Excessive weight/obesity
  • Smoking or tobacco consumption
  • Diets including unprocessed red meat and fewer fruits increase the risk of colon cancer.
  •  Excessive consumption of alcohol can also cause colon cancer.

So now you know the risk factors of colon cancer. Make sure to eat a healthy diet and getting the screening done for an early stage treatment.

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