Signs & Symptoms of Brain Tumor that You Need to Look for

Signs & Symptoms of Brain Tumor that You Need to Look for

Signs & Symptoms of Brain Tumor that You Need to Look for
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  • June 14th, 2018
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There are multiple factors on which the signs and symptoms of a brain tumor depend like the size of the tumor, its location, type, extent etc. It is very important to give due attention to these signs and symptoms in order to ensure early treatment and improve the chances of success of the treatment.


The cluster of abnormal cells formed in the brain of the person is called brain tumor. There is two kind of brain tumors one is cancerous (Malignant) and other is non- cancerous (Benign).  When the benign or malignant cancer grows inside your brain it may put a lot of pressure on your skull and force it to increase in size. This pressure can result in brain damage and is often life-threatening. Further, the brain tumors can be classified as primary and secondary tumors. Primary tumors are the one who develops in the brain an stays there only. Most of them are benign and does not require any treatment. However, secondary tumors are one that formulates when the cancerous cells spread from your brain to the lungs or your breasts. Usually, secondary cancer is considered to have more significant adverse impacts than the primary brain tumor.

The signs and symptoms of brain tumor largely depend on the factors like tumor type, size, location and extent, as well as age, health history etc. In the initial stage of the tumor the symptoms may be subtle but as the tumor grows in the brain of the person these symptoms may become severe. The main factor that affects the symptoms is the location of the tumor in the brain and the system of the body that it affects.  For instance- a tumor developed in the area controlling motor nerve functions may result in the symptoms like numbness, weakness, and difficulty in speech. Below we have listed out certain common indicators that can be experienced by the person suffering from a brain tumor-

  • Unusual Headaches: A person may face a new pattern or beginning of headaches. The headaches might become too frequent or severe than the usual headaches that a person suffers from.
  • Seizures: A person suffering from brain tumor can face the problems of seizures. Seizures involve violent abnormal activity in the brain. Due to seizures, the neurons of the brain fire without any control and the person may indulge in uncontrollable movements. It may include shaking, jerking and loss of control on the whole body or any part of the body.
  • Clumsiness: Due to the imbalance in the neurons a person may fumble with everything. A person may find difficulty in maintaining balance, going up on the staircase, eating, sitting and controlling their facial expressions etc.
  • Unreasonable Numbness: That sudden instance of feeling coldness and unresponsiveness in any part of the body or face on regular intervals may be a reason to worry. In case of tumor, this feeling is mainly experienced in the area where the brain of the person connects with his spinal cord.
  • The feeling of nausea and vomiting: If you are consistently experiencing the vomiting and feeling of a problem with your stomach without any specific reason it may be an indication of a brain tumor.
  • Memory Issues: The people with brain tumor usually face the problem in remembering anything. In most of the instances, the people suffering from brain tumors feel confused and unsure about everything that is happening around them.
  • Problem with vision: The changes in a vision like the vision becoming too blurry, or double vision and even loss of vision can be seen in people suffering from brain tumors.

These are some symptoms which are usually associated with brain tumors. However, the presence of symptoms does not necessarily mean that you are suffering from brain tumor. Thus, it is highly recommended that if you are experiencing any of these signs before assuming anything go straight to the doctor.


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