Most Preferred Destination for Cancer Treatment in India

Most Preferred Destination for Cancer Treatment in India

Most Preferred Destination for Cancer Treatment in India
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  • February 28th, 2018
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Cancer is an acute disease caused by the development of the abnormal cells in the body of person. These abnormal cells formulated have the ability to destroy the normal body tissues of the person and spread to the different parts of the body.  The most common cause of cancer is the consumption of tobacco while obesity, unhealthy diet, less physical activity and the environmental pollution can also be a reason for cancer.

Skin cancer, breasts cancer, mouth cancer, testicle cancer are some of the types of cancers that are commonly found in the people. The better treatment of cancer is possible when it is diagnosed at an early stage. Cancer can be diagnosed after the development of the symptoms or the initial evaluation.

There is an immense increase in the cases of cancers in the recent times. The best cancer treatment hospitals in India are making continuous efforts to develop the best treatments for the multiple types of cancers.  India is a home to the large number cancer specialists providing the comprehensive cancer treatment solutions at affordable prices.  

Symptoms of Cancer

In case any person discovers any of the below-mentioned symptoms in his body he must visit a doctor. However, it is not compulsory that these symptoms will result in cancer only. Sometimes they may also be caused by benign tumors or other problems.

  • Changes in the skin like the development new mole or a change in an existing mole.
  • Changes in breast like the alteration in size or shape of the breast, change in the breast skin etc.
  • A long-lasting cough.
  • Pain occurred during urination.
  • Difficulties in eating.
  • Gaining or losing weight abnormally.
  • Abdominal pain
  • Unreasonable bleeding.
  • Sights of blood in urine.
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Blood in the stool
  • Feeling lethargic.

Types of Cancer

There are more than 100 types of cancers that can be found in the human being. Practically it is not possible to explain all the types of cancers here.  However to provide a glimpse of types of cancers we have provided the list of the specific types of cancers found in each general category.

Carcinoma:  In this category cancer formulating in the skin and the tissues of internal organs are covered.  Moreover, in this category, the multiple types of cancers like the cell carcinoma, transitional carcinoma, adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma are included.

Sarcoma:  The cancers originating in the fat tissues,  blood vessels, cartilage, bone, muscle or any other supportive or connective tissue, in cells outside the bone marrow are covered under this category.

Leukemia: The cancers resulting in blood-forming tissue including bone marrow are covered under this category.

Myeloma and Lymphoma: The origination of this type of cancer is from the cells of the immune system.

Germ cell tumor: This refers to cancers derived from pluripotent cells, most often presenting in the testicle or the ovary.

Blastoma: - The cancers that are derived from immature "predecessor" cells or embryonic tissue. This category of cancer is more common in children than in older adults.

Cancer diagnosis

Depending upon the type of cancer the person is suffering from the doctor may use any type of diagnostic techniques to evaluate the patient’s condition and the treatment required. The various diagnosis techniques that can be used are as follows-

Lab Tests

The presence of the excess of some kind of substance or its deficiency in person body can be a sign of cancer. Lab tests of the blood, urine, or other body fluids are carried out to measure these substances assisting the doctors to make a diagnosis. One thing to be noted here is that lab tests alone can be considered by doctors for the ascertainment of the disorder.

Imaging Procedures

The various imaging procedures mentioned below are used to create the pictures of areas of the person body that help the doctor see whether a tumor is present. The various technique of imaging procedures include the following-

  • CT Scan - CT scan is an x-ray machine linked to a computer used to take a series of detailed pictures of person organs.
  • Ultrasound:- In the procedure of ultrasound, a device is moved on the body of the person to trace the sound waves bouncing off the tissues inside the person body.   From these sound waves, an image of the internal organ of the person body is created. The picture created through ultrasound is called a sonogram.
  • MRI - In this technique, a strong magnet linked to a computer is used to take the detailed pictures of person body organs.
  • PET scan:- This technique is used to determine that how organs and tissues of the person are working.
  • X-rays:- In this technique, the low doses of radiation are used to create pictures of the organs of the person.


The biopsy is the most commonly used technique used for diagnosis of cancer. For the procedure of biopsy, the doctors remove the sample of tissue and pass it to the pathologist.  Further, a pathologist then looks at the tissue under a microscope to see if it is cancer.


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