Metastatic Cancer that Sonali Bendre is suffering from

Metastatic Cancer that Sonali Bendre is suffering from

Metastatic Cancer that Sonali Bendre is suffering from
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  • July 9th, 2018
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Just being diagnosed with the metastatic cancer is sign that you need treatment on urgent basis. Metastatic cancer is a cancer that can spread from the originating part to its neighbouring parts creating a life threatening impact on a person.  


After the news of Irfhan khan suffering from cancer now, it’s the Sonali Bendre cancer diagnosis report that is storming the internet. On 4th July 2018 through her Twitter account, the actress broke the news about high-grade cancer she has been diagnosed with and informed that cancer has even metastasized. This revelation put the whole nation in the utter state of shock. Showing his concern on the issue Padma Shri Awardee, Dr. K K Aggarwal infatuated upon the importance of timely diagnosis and the treatment.  According to him, the major concern is that the high grade' cancer is dangerous and possess the ability to spread quickly to other parts of the body. Here is everything you need to know about metastatic cancer.

Sonali Bendre Diagnosed with Metastatic Cancer

What is Metastatic Cancer?

Metastatic Cancer is a condition in which cancerous cells spread from where they were first formed to the distant parts of the body. In some cases, it may just spread to neighboring parts like the blood; lymph system etc while in other they can spread to the whole body. The process by which this cancer is spread to the whole body is called the metastasis. This is basically the stage 4 cancer.

How is Metastatic Cancer formed?

This cancer is formed when the malignant cells are strong enough to break into the different parts of the body.  Any cancer can be termed as metastatic cancer when it metastasizes to any part of the body. The most common body organs where this cancer spread include the bone, liver, and lung.  Here are few metastatic cancers that spread to different body parts-

  • Breast cancer tends to spread to the bones, liver, lungs, chest wall, and brain.
  • Bladder cancer tends to metastasize to bone, liver, and lungs.
  • Lung cancer tends to metastasize to the brain, bones, liver, and adrenal glands.
  • Prostate cancer tends to spread to the bones.
  • Colon and rectal cancers tend to spread to the liver and lungs.
  • Ovary cancer tends to spread to the liver, lung, and peritoneum.
  • Uterus tends to spread to the bone, liver, lungs, peritoneum, and vagina.

Symptoms of Metastatic cancer

In most of the cases there are no prevalent symptoms of Metastatic cancer experienced by the patients. However, in rare cases, there are some symptoms based on the size and location of the metastatic tumors. Here is the list of common signs of metastatic cancer:

  • A headache
  • Dizziness
  • Seizures
  • Visual problems
  • Pain and fractures
  • Shortness of breath
  • Jaundice or swelling in the belly
  • Difficulty walking or confusion

Metastatic Cancer Treatment

The hard truth is that once cancer has become metastatic it can be hard to control. There are various factors on which the treatment of this disorder depends. Some of them include the site from where cancer has started, the extent to which it has spread, its location, the patient’s age, and overall health, etc. In India, there are multiple treatment options including the chemotherapy, hormone therapy, biologic therapy, radiation therapy and the surgery.

Is metastatic cancer curable?

According to the recent treatment options available in most of the cases, this cancer is not curable with current treatment options, some types of metastatic cancer can be cured, but not in m. However, in some rare cases, the chances of successful treatment are there. Complete cure is not possible thus the main goal of metastatic cancer treatments is to slow the growth of cancer and reduce symptoms. Still, in some rarest cases, the patient can survive this condition and live for years.


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