Top 7 Advances in Cancer Treatment

Top 7 Advances in Cancer Treatment

Top 7 Advances in Cancer Treatment
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  • November 20th, 2018
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Cancer is an advancing disease that metaphorically swallows the entire body. Its treatment are not many either. However, cancer treatment has been the area of constant research. Thankfully, many of these researches have been fruitful. Today, these Top 7 advances in cancer treatment have paved the way for a more focused approach towards cancer treatment.


Cancer treatments haven’t had much success in order to completely eradicate the disease. While you have heard several survival stories from several people who overcame this disease, they are all on remission for many years. However, there are no guarantees that the cancer won’t come back. It is for these reasons that survival stories are so far and few in between. Cancer treatments are always a top priority in medical research. As a result of that, several advancements have been made in this particular vertical. Furthermore, with every new research, we are closer to a full-fledged cure. Therefore, it is always good news when we have new advancements to discuss. Keeping up with this good news, here are the top 7 advances in cancer treatment.

7 advances and 7 steps closer to cancer treatment

1. Radiation therapy: Although not a new method of cancer treatment, the researchers are now making efforts to remove the side effects associated with it. Furthermore, with different types of radiations, the scientists are trying to force cancer to go into remission faster.

2. Hyperthermia Therapy: It is an experimental form of therapy where the specialists administer heat over the entire body. The resultant intense heat can cause the coagulation and denaturation of the cellular proteins. As a result, the protein cells lose their integrity and as a result of that, the cells die. To that end, this treatment focuses on the cell death of the cancerous tumours. The cancer cell death is thorough. This means that there are no residual cancer cells that harm the healthy cells surrounding them.

3. Non Invasive therapies:  Non Invasive medical therapies have been gaining a lot of traction over the years. A non invasive treatment does not require any sort of incision in the body. Furthermore, there is no requirement for tissue removal at all. A really broad field of therapy, it entails a lot of sub-therapies. Examples of these non invasive treatments are radio wave therapy, tumor treating therapy, high-intensity focused ultrasound therapy.

4. Gene therapy: Gene therapy takes on several forms. The most prominent one among these forms is to introduce certain types of enzymes to the cancerous cells. The role of these enzymes is to make the cancer cells vulnerable to certain type of chemotherapy agents.

5. Immunotherapeutic Vaccines: This therapy constitutes the use of drugs that recharge the immune system of the body. In this therapy, some cells associated with the immune system are extracted from the body. Then, these cells are sent to the lab. In the laboratory, these cells are converted into dendritic cells which are then exposed to PAP. The dendritic cells are then re injected into the body to recharge the immune system. What the dendritic cells are exposed to define the type of cancer this therapy can be used for. In this particular case, the cells are exposed to PAP or Prostatic Acid Phosphatase, and the cancer to be treated here is prostate cancer. Similar technique has been used to deal with lung cancer and bladder cancer.

6. Adoptive Cell transfer Therapies: This form of therapy works in the same way as immunotherapy. The process involves first removing the immune cells from the body of the patient. Then the cells go through re engineering.  Through this process, the immune cells learn how to fight against a particular form of cancer. Once the reengineering process is complete, the next step is to inject them back into the patient’s body.

7. Targeted Therapy: At hindsight, the way that patient get this therapy is similar to chemotherapy. Another way that targeted therapy is similar to chemotherapy is that there is a combination of drugs involved. However, this is where the similarities end. Unlike Chemotherapy, which has a hard time differentiating between normal cells and cancer cells, targeted therapy drugs can differentiate between them. The drugs used in targeted therapy specifically target the cancer cells.

These are 7 of the top advances in the field of cancer treatment right now. Watch out for them, for they will develop even further and one day, cancer will be no more.


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