Is Homeopathy Effective in Curing Asthma?

Is Homeopathy Effective in Curing Asthma?

Is Homeopathy Effective in Curing Asthma?
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  • January 15th, 2018
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With the rising air pollution and unhealthy living habits of people, several diseases have opened their wings and affected a large number of people worldwide. Among those diseases, asthma is quite widespread. Let’s get to know more about this health disorders and how homeopathy can be a real savior in helping people with asthma.

What is asthma?

Asthma refers to a chronic respiratory disease in which the airways of the lungs get inflamed. This inflammation results in swelling of the airways and the production of excess mucus. This condition further hinders the passage of air. A feeling of tightness is felt in the chest and frequently the patient suffers from a severe cough.

According to health experts, Homeopathy is found to be quite effective in treating asthma perfectly and sustainably. Homeopathic medicine for Asthma is highly effective in treating the condition from its core. Homeopathic medicines do not project at mitigating the inflammation. Instead, it remedies the disease with its root source. All homeopathic medicines for Asthma are natural and now made from harmful chemicals. It is strongly advised to consult a doctor regarding the medicine and its dosage.

5 Best Homoeopathic medicines for Asthma are:

Arsenic Album: Arsenic Album is unarguably the most effective homeopathic medicine for Asthma in India. It is very useful when the symptoms indicate restlessness and anxiety as well as a cough and wheezing. The problem gets aggravated in cold air and with a slight change of weather. There remains a pain in the upper right chest and air passages feel clogged.

Ipecac:If Asthma is combined with nausea and vomiting, Ipecac is one of the best remedies to rely on. A cough is there but it does not help in mitigating the mucus load. The hot and humid weather worsens the conditions.

Antim Tart: In situations where the person suffers a rattling cough along with Asthma, Antrim Tart is the most trusted homeopathic medicine for Asthma in India. The patient becomes weak and sleepy. He gets a burning feeling in the chest and in some cases there is a feeling of something downy inside the chest.

Nux Vomica: It is the widely used homeopathic medicine for Asthma in India when the symptoms are mixed by gastric disturbances. Besides the respiratory symptoms, the stomach gets full and heavy. A cough causes headaches or pain in the stomach region. A cough is dry and hacking. The problem gets worse in winters.

Carbo Veg: Along with an Asthmatic attack, if the face of the patient gets blue then Carbo Veg is the effective homeopathic medicine for Asthma. It is effective in treating the coldness of the hands and feet. There is a cough along with itching in the voice box. The voice gets deep and rough and the breath remains cold.

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