About HealBoat


Healboat is one of the most trusted online platforms for seeking medical help. We work towards providing the best medical services to the international patients and domestic patients at just one click. Further, we are associated with various esteemed and top ranked hospitals to provide the best infrastructure and medical equipment’s required. Healboat is a revolutionary online platform which will make your journey of seeking medical help flawless. With Healboat now primary healthcare services will be accessible across the globe at affordable prices and specific to the patient’s need. Moreover, a strong information technology system of Healboat facilitates the fast processing of the requests made.

Our Aim
The basic motive of the Healboat is to bring a revolution in the field of medical services by
providinganykind of medical services at just one click. With Healboat number of doctors and hospitals are being associated to provide utmost efficient medical services to the patients. Further it aims to provide manifold benefits like infrastructure and more exposure to the doctors.

Why choose us

  • Best doctor with high level of expert knowledge.
  • Association with top most hospitals.
  • A strong information technology system.
  • Availability of best medical equipment’s
  • All kinds of medical services at one click
  • Unique and creative way of providing medical services.

Healboat for Medical experts
Healboat provides an opportunity to the doctors to increase their clientele in cost-effective and time-saving manner. The doctors get the access to the infrastructure and the support of the staff of best hospitals which helps them to practice efficiently.Further it increases their popularity in the online community and in the medical fraternity. Moreover doctors get a chance to interact with wide range of clients.

Healboat for seekers of medical help
Anybody can seek medical help at just one click. Further, you can get solutions to any query by sitting at your home.
Healboat facilitates one-on-one sessions with doctors at affordable prices. Moreover you fix an appointment with the doctor after checking his profile through our online portal. Also it helps the patients to avail the medical services along with the best infrastructure and equipment’s at affordable prices.


At HealBoat, our focus remains on creating an ecosystem where people and healthcare service providers can connect with each other so as to augment the level of healthcare services in the country. With our specialized web portal, people can easily browse through an extensive list of hospitals and doctors who can take them on a healthier, happier and fulfilling future. For any kind of healthcare need, HealBoat is undoubtedly the best choice indeed.

Our ground-breaking approach to healthcare delivery is poised to write new success stories in the field of Indian healthcare system. Finding a reputed healthcare expert was never so easy and fast. We have a strong and extensive network of hospitals that enables us match the varied needs of patients coming from various sections of the society. From high-end medical tests to complex surgeries, we have specialists who are known for providing exemplary medical care in India.

At the same time, for doctors and healthcare centres, we have emerged out as the most effective way of getting immense visibility in the domain. And all that at affordable cost! We strive to lessen your pain and intricacy in your life by providing you a trusted mechanism that just works for you.